Internship Opportunity: Increase the Positive Impact of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Community

Intern Project Introduction Reach out to alums with key positions at entrepreneurial organizations in Orange county, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire. Involve them in the quest for enhanced results (Measured improvement of key metrics). We are looking for interns who are motivated to develop skills that are invaluable in the nonprofit industry. Interns […]

Lessons on Growing a Successful Business from Lawyer turned Entrepreneur Robert Freeman

Almost every week we are fortunate enough to welcome in experts from various fields to talk about subjects important for people who are interested in becoming the best entrepreneurs they can be. This week, we welcomed Robert Freeman, Esq. to talk about the lessons he has learned from being a lawyer and a successful business […]

Newport Beach Investment Networking Expo

There is an event coming up later this week for the investors in the CSUF Entrepreneurship community called the Newport Beach Investment Networking Expo.  Hosted by Sean Lee, a member of our community, this event is a fantastic way for investors to network and, who knows?, perhaps find new partners and investment opportunities. Click on […]

CSUF Women Entrepreneurs Supporting Female Students

Every day I am awed by the amazing things that people in the CSUF Entrepreneurship community are doing. Starting businesses, launching new products, developing services for underserved communities, and, most importantly of all, how supportive this community is. Evidence of how supporting our community could have been witnessed last week. Titan Women’s Collective, which is […]

Four Mindsets Necessary for Entrepreneurial Success

Over the years I have met many entrepreneurs. Successful ones, ones that are just starting out, those that have retired, and every kind of entrepreneur you can think of in between. Even though they were all unique (and special in their own ways) they all did have something in common: They were all different in […]

Successful Business Strategies from a Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur – CSUF Startup Event

Next Wednesday the CSUF Startup Incubator is proud to welcome Robert Freeman, the titular lawyer turned entrepreneur, in to discuss the strategies he has successfully used over his career as a lawyer and entrepreneur with two successful businesses under his belt. As a lawyer, Robert is able to look onto entrepreneurship from a different perspective […]

Sigma Upsilon Mu’s 8 Hour Business Challenge Was a Success!

Sigma Upsilon Mu, a co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity, had their 8 Hour Business Challenge on Sunday September 23. So what exactly is this? How the 8 Hour Business Challenge Works Students registered themselves to compete in teams or individually (who were then put into teams). For the first half of the day competitors were coached by […]

Cal State Fullerton Rap with President Fram Virjee and Alumnus Rachel Herzog

There are a lot of great things to say about Cal State Fullerton but I do not think those superlatives have ever been put into prose like this before. Enjoy the rhymes from President Fram Virjee and CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumnus Rachel Herzog!

CSUF Student Club Kicks Off New School Year

The CSUF Entrepreneurship community is really an agglomeration of many different communities and one of the vital components of our community are our student clubs. Currently, we have three with the oldest being the Entrepreneur Society and the youngest being Student Innovation Collective (SINC). In the middle is Sigma Upsilon Mu (SUM), the entrepreneurship fraternity […]

Remembering Alan Mannason

Alan Mannason Alan Mannason, Mentor in the CSUF Entrepreneurship classroom for 15 consecutive years, has passed away at age 94 years old. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1924 and moved to Los Angeles in 1937 (when movies cost $.10 and a Baby Ruth candy bar cost $.05). He remembered that the train ride […]