Building a Strong Culture from Startup to Mature Company

Last week, CSUF Entrepreneurship mentor and veteran executive coach for Vistage Dave Kinnear gave a great talk on the importance of culture for any organization and how to effectively build a great culture that will grow as your business grows. According to Dave, in order to accomplish this you first need to know how culture […]

Forecasting for Entrepreneurs @ CSUF Startup Incubator

Tomorrow at the CSUF Startup Incubator Placentia office at 6pm we will be hosting an event called Forecasting for Entrepreneurs. Being able to properly do forecasts is a critical skill for entrepreneurs to posses. Cash flow is king and being able to effectively project how much you will have in the future can make the […]

How to make a Great Titan Fast Pitch

Sixty seconds is not a lot of time but as you will find out in this edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider there is a tried and true formula that will help you make your best pitch possible. The Titan Fast Pitch competition is less than a month away (October 21) and I encourage every […]

Start with Why – How to make a Great Pitch

Sixty seconds is not a long time to tell someone about your concept but that is what we challenge students to do at the Titan Fast Pitch competition on October 21. Why? The “why” is the answer. Entrepreneurs have a mission and being able to inspire people with the “why” of their mission makes the […]

Entrepreneur Pitch Opportunity: Orange County VC and Angel Investor Conference

Being able to pitch your business well is a critical skill that every entrepreneur should posses. Whether you are communicating your concept to investors, potential partners, or anyone else you need to be able to effectively communicate why your business is worthy of consideration. And that is especially true of that first group of people […]

8 Hour Business Challenge

 Update (September 20, 2017): Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. Sigma Upsilon Mu is planning on rescheduling this event for the spring 2018 semester. This Saturday one of our entrepreneurship clubs, Sigma Upsilon Mu, will be hosting a competition called the 8 Hour Business Challenge. Student-entrepreneurs competing in the 8 Hour Business Challenge will be […]

How to Build a Strong Culture from Startup to Mature Company

Whether you have are still in school or have had a long professional career you know that different organizations do things differently. How we do things is determined by a number of factors but how organizations do things is determined by culture. And that is why it is so important for entrepreneurs to focus on […]

Riverside Startup Weekend with Techstars

During the week of September 25-29, Riverside and Techstars are partnering up to host Startup Week, which is a five day celebration of the entrepreneurial community. If you are already part of the entrepreneurial community or if you’ve been meaning to join this innovative community now is the time to do so. This is a […]

Big Things are Happening this fall for CSUF Entrepreneurship

In this edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we make a big announcement! Make sure to sign up to be a CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider to make sure that you can be an active member of this growing entrepreneurial community. For Cal State Fullerton’s entrepreneurship students the semester is already well underway. Many of them will […]

Office Hours with Startup Specialist Jim Cooper

Later today, Jim Cooper will have office hours at our CSUF Startup Incubator in Placentia. This is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to talk with Jim about any issues they are facing and I wouldn’t be surprised if those who attend come out of their quick session with Jim with a great idea or two […]