Sadaf Salout '08 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

I love food. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed cooking, eating, and dining at different restaurants around the country. As a young girl I remember my father encouraging me to try all different types of food and never to judge food before giving it a taste. I even tasted braised beef tongue sandwich […]

Alex Rigo '09 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

The CSUF Entrepreneurship Program bridged the gap between textbook business examples and seeing the real day-to-day human condition of a business owner and operator. It was refreshing to finally get out in the field and begin to immerse myself in the realities of what it’s like to run a small business. The consulting projects were […]

Ashlyn Nath '11 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

Entrepreneurship Program Skills Lead to New Job, New Product By PAMELA McLAREN EVERY SUNNY DAY is like a lucky four-leaf clover for Ashlyn Nath of Anaheim. The 2011 business administration graduate took her classroom experience and wrangled it into a job at OP Products Inc., a specialty manufacturer located in Riverside. As part of the […]

Victor Macias '09 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

CSUF Entrepreneurship Grad Creates a Men’s Grooming Community Victor Macias, CSUF Entrepreneurship grad, has been hard at work since his 2009 graduation ceremony. Always fascinated by web marketing, Victor launched a web enterprise called “MaleStandard” in 2010, which is an internet-based business aimed at changing the way men approach “personal grooming.” We recently caught up […]

Dipta Kazi '08 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Opens Local Restaurant Dipta Kazi, Taj-Mahal Express, Anaheim Class of 2008 CSUF Entrepreneurship Program -by Dipta Kazi I graduated Fall 2008 from CSUF and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan (Jan 2009-March 2010) for a little over a year and moved to […]

Christine Kampa '12 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

There are many great things I can say about the Entrepreneurship Program at CSUF: I learned a lot about how to start and run a business, the professors are engaging and helpful, the Student Consulting Projects provide you with a great deal of practical experience and the list could go on. While working my way […]

Diana Ho '10 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

Starting a company is tough. Arguably, the toughest part is getting people to pay for your products or services. The recommended approach for dealing with this dilemma is to do a bit of research, and get something out into the market quickly. There is no better way to judge whether people want your product or […]

Gustavo Guzman-Lezama '15 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

Gustavo Guzman-Lezama ’15 spent years working in his family’s Mexican restaurant before he went to college. Last fall, his father, handed over the Mission Viejo business to his son, and Guzman-Lezama has taken full ownership while studying at Mihaylo. Being both the boss and a full-time Mihaylo entrepreneurship student is a lot of work, but […]

Reuben Fine '06 and Rey Marques '06 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

Reuben and I were lucky enough to meet through the Entrepreneur department. I was looking at both management and marketing as an emphasis for my major when I first heard about the entrepreneur program. I knew that I wanted more hands on training with real world applications since I ran my own part-time web design […]