CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Brian Evans '10

I graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton in 2010. Since graduating I have been pursuing a career in photography specializing in portraiture and lifestyle; my company is called Brian Evans Photography. Though I currently reside in Orange County, I have traveled throughout the United States capturing images for editorial and commercial clients. In addition to […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Kristina Elmido '08

Food and business are two of my passions. Add 2 cups of drive, 1 cup inspiration, a dash of knowledge, a sprinkle of connections and you create an Entrepreneur. I graduated from CSUF in 2008 with an Entrepreneurship concentration. The skill I gained on executing and managing vision, passion, perseverance, and drive has been invaluable […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Brian De La Rosa '06

I graduated from CSUF in June 2006 and, before I could enjoy some downtime, I quickly began working in the marketing department at Disney Consumer Products. After four years at Disney and then a couple more years jumping around at other entertainment companies, I finally took the plunge to start my own business and left […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Lee Daigle '11

Lee Daigle graduated from Cal State Fullerton in May of 2011 with a major in Entrepreneurship. Bitten by the new venture bug, Lee immediately joined a Newport Beach startup publication called “My MapBook.” Despite Lee’s best efforts, the publication was not able to successfully launch in Newport Beach though it was successful in the Bay […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Kevin Burke '10

Kevin Burke has a client list 100 names long. Names like Leroy, Bruno, Piper, Charlie, Doc, Lily, Truman, Betsy, Sophie, Bella, Reggie and Scooter. Ranging from 10 to 175 pounds, they are canine clients of Burke’s Newport Beach-based dog-care company, Newport Tails. In the beginning there was one client: Precious. Burke found her in 2010 […]

Alumnus, Entrepreneur, Bootlegger

What happens when your hobby outgrows its hobby status? If you are experimenting with making craft beer in your garage, you end up supplying the entire neighborhood. That is what happened to Aaron Barkenhagen ’07. His love of good beer and his loyalty to his Fullerton neighbors created a symbiotic relationship that still exists today. […]

How a CSUF Startup Incubator Resident will Revolutionize Philanthropy

Think about all of the purchases you make with coupons. You have probably used a coupon to buy a meal, to do an activity while on vacation, or maybe even when getting a procedure like Lasik surgery done. Now, what if I told you that there is a company that is a CSUF Startup Incubator […]

Reinventing Family Time – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

As many entrepreneurs know, creating a successful business is hard work and Cal State Fullerton alumni Chuck Su ’11’s experience has been no different. While working a second job at night, Chuck works diligently on his own business during the day; a sacrifice he and his loved ones make with grace. As a student, Chuck […]

An Entrepreneur and a Friend, a CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

For many, college is a time of change that marks a transformation of one’s true self in the world. The friends made during this period often play a crucial role in helping to shape the beliefs and ideas of a person. Oftentimes, these friends help to enable a person to discover the true talents and […]