About Us

A Leading Voice for Entrepreneurial Growth, Learning and Action

The College of Business and Economics at California Sate University, Fullerton (CSUF) has established the Center for Entrepreneurship (CSUF Entrepreneurship) as a Center of Excellence to serve as a support organization and outreach center, which encompasses a variety of entrepreneurial initiatives. CSUF Entrepreneurship comprises the Center for Entrepreneurship, its advisory board, staff, and donors, as well as the Small Business Institute (SBI) and its student-consulting clients, the CSUF Startup Incubator and its residents, student-led clubs and organizations, and the students and faculty involved in the CSUF Entrepreneurship Concentrations (Undergraduate and MBA) and the CSUF Entrepreneurship Minor. Moreover, entrepreneurial alumni and volunteers also play a crucial role in multiplying the effectiveness of CSUF Entrepreneurship by supporting learning both in the classroom and in the field.

CSUF Entrepreneurship aims to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources, education, and mentorship necessary to develop their skills and launch successful ventures. Through various programs and initiatives, the Center for Entrepreneurship encourages entrepreneurship that promotes social responsibility and ethical business practices. The Small Business Institute, for instance, enables students to consult with small businesses and apply their classroom learning in a real-world setting. Similarly, student-led organizations provide a platform for students to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from successful entrepreneurs, and hone their entrepreneurial skills. With the support of CSUF Entrepreneurship and its extensive network of alumni and volunteers, CSUF Entrepreneurship is well-positioned to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs who are committed to making a positive social impact.

Our Purpose

We teach, coach and lead the principled, cross-disciplinary practice of entrepreneurship. We believe that, through determined practice, leadership and team work, our students, faculty, clients, volunteers and alums can systematically recombine the new and the old to forge new ventures, create an entrepreneurial culture, and dramatically benefit our community.

Our Commitment to Social Entrepreneurship

CSUF Entrepreneurship is deeply committed to fostering and promoting social entrepreneurship as an integral part of its mission. With a strong belief that businesses can be a powerful force for positive change, CSUF Entrepreneurship strives to empower students and community members to build businesses that not only generate profit but also make a lasting social impact. By combining the principles of entrepreneurship and social responsibility, CSUF Entrepreneurship aims to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs who are passionate about addressing societal issues and creating innovative solutions.

At CSUF Entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship is seen as a means to address pressing social problems and create sustainable business models that contribute to the betterment of communities. Through various resources, education programs, and mentorship opportunities, CSUF Entrepreneurship equips aspiring social entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop, launch, and scale their ventures. The emphasis is not only on business success but also on integrating ethical and sustainable practices into every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey.

By instilling a deep sense of social consciousness, CSUF Entrepreneurship encourages students and community members to think beyond traditional business models and explore innovative approaches to tackle complex social challenges. Through partnerships with local organizations, nonprofits, and community leaders, CSUF Entrepreneurship creates a supportive ecosystem that enables social entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. By fostering an environment that values social impact and entrepreneurial thinking, CSUF Entrepreneurship empowers individuals to make a positive difference in the world through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Guiding Principles

Create Value

Embrace Change

Apply Creativity

Celebrate Uniqueness

Build Community

Maintain Personal Integrity and Trust

Be Aware of Right and Wrong

Love Learning, Wisdom and Truth

Practice Humility and Intellectual Honesty

Be Caring and Compassionate

Value Justice and Peace

Give Respect

Respect the Earth and its Creatures

Walk the Talk

Strive for Success

* Please click the Fifteen Guiding Principles (PDF download) that contains a complete list with supporting comments.


Established in 2001, the Center for Entrepreneurship is a Center of Excellence within the CSUF College of Business and Economics at California State University, Fullerton. The CSUF College of Business and Economics is the largest accredited business school in the State of California and the second largest accredited undergraduate business school in the country.

The CSUF College of Business and Economics at CSUF has the distinction of holding two AACSB International Accreditations – one for the College and one for the College’s accounting program. Centers of Excellence within the CSUF College of Business and Economics are completely supported by private donations and, in the Center for Entrepreneurship’s case, from fees derived from its award-winning Student Business Consulting Program. These Centers address a variety of needs and issues in the community, provide an array of services to local business and government sectors and provide academic and practical learning environments for CSUF students.

The formal study of entrepreneurship as an academic concentration at the College is now over 20 years old, reflecting the importance of entrepreneurship to our region’s economy. However, CSUF Entrepreneurship has a more than 40 year, nationally recognized track record beginning with the establishment of the Small Business Institute® in 1974. SBI student consultants have served over 3,000 businesses. During the school year, this program will serve over 125 clients through its consulting services.

Awards and Honors

California State University, Fullerton’s Small Business Institute® has won dozens of awards for outstanding student consulting to business owners. 

Advisory Board

In 2002, the Center for Entrepreneurship created an Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance and community outreach. The Entrepreneurship Advisory Board is comprised of a select group of distinguished entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders, and alumni who help the Center fulfill its mission, set and execute its plans, and advance its overall outcomes. It strives to create an interdependent relationship between the Southern California business community and CSUF’s outreach and teaching efforts in entrepreneurship.

Functions of the Advisory Board include

  • Setting the Center’s long-term strategic plan
  • Advising on policies, strategic decisions, and business and entrepreneurial trends
  • Supporting initiatives that advance the Center
  • Providing advice, opportunities, and networks for CSUF students and alumni

Current members of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board include:

  • Dr. Michael Ames, College of Business and Economics 
  • Ken Bassman, Bassman and Blaine Inc.
  • Dan Black ’67, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
  • Richard Becktel ’77, Southern Counties Lubricants
  • Andrew Carroll ’06, CFO Andrew
  • Karl Freels ’17, Black Family Foundation
  • Cathleen Greiner, Ph.D., California Community Colleges
  • Ken Guchereau ’74, Guchereau Company
  • Raj Manek ’94, Vesuki Inc.
  • David Morris, Royal Business Bank
  • Jonathan Mulvihill, Thin Metals
  • Mike Okabayashi, Okabayshi Foundation
  • Antonela Opris
  • Neel A. Pinge, Commercial Bank of California (CBC)
  • J. Alexander “Sander” Pruijis, Manufacturers Bank
  • Bill Purpura, Dargon Development
  • Natalia Razeghi ’00, US Bank
  • Jayro Sandoval, Sunstone Management, Inc.
  • Janet Steiner, Make Dust and Thoro Packaging
  • Jeffrey S. Van Harte ’80, Jackson Square Partners
  • Tim Shaw, RevHubOC Inc.
  • Sridhar Sundaram, CSUF College of Business & Economics (Ex-Officio)

Current Members of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Alumni Board include

  • Rachel Smith ’18, CEO Coaching International
  • Victor Macias ’09, VictorMacias.com
  • Bryan Ruef, 10-8 Systems
  • Lorenzo Santos ’17, Operate
  • Josh Worrel ’19, Zeba

Board Member Emeritus

  • Wally Hicks, Affluent Target Marketing Inc
  • Robert Jechart, RJE International
  • Kristen Llorente, Llorente SIU
  • Alan Mannason, SCORE
  • Laurie Resnick, ’77, Associated Group
  • Eric Romero, Sunstone Corporation
  • Michael Sawitz, FastStart.studio
  • Ron Stein, PTS Staffing Solutions
  • Art P. Villa, Breakthrough Business Solutions, Inc.
  • Paul Wasserman ’87, Founder of Ebates

Classroom Mentors 2022-23

  • Joe Abiad
  • Vas Arora
  • Hassan Bash
  • Alan Cerna
  • Curtis Chan
  • Rudy Chavaria
  • Sal Chavez
  • Steve Choo
  • Simpson Christian
  • Jerry Conrey
  • Geoffrey Engel
  • Joe Felz
  • Jim Fruth
  • Stephan Gallon
  • Louis Gebala
  • Bob Godlasky
  • Siva Gogulapati
  • Sherivana Gorgani
  • Bill Greenfield
  • Dr. A. Cathleen Greiner
  • Phillip Gross
  • Tina Guilder
  • Stephen Helper
  • Paul Hesse
  • Wally Hicks
  • Janice Jeng
  • Adil Karamally
  • Christa Keizer
  • David Kinnear
  • Cynthia Kirkeby
  • Phillip Kwan
  • Sean Lee
  • Jay Lieberman
  • Tony Liu
  • Mark Manguera
  • Elsa McCafferty
  • Puneet Mehru
  • Cory Mellody
  • Angel Mendoza
  • Angeli Menta
  • Christian Milord
  • Jonathan Mulvilhill
  • Christine Nakamura
  • Chris Novy
  • Gardnar O’Brien
  • Antonela Opris
  • Ashok Patel
  • William Purpura
  • Kristoffer Quiaoit
  • John Rau
  • Pete Riley
  • Mark Roeske
  • Jose Salomon
  • Ken Samel
  • Deep Shah
  • Kartik Shrivastava
  • Charles Simon
  • Bernard Spear
  • Janet Steiner
  • Sylvan Swartz
  • James “Jim” Vasconcellos
  • Branden Wells
  • Jennifer Whelan
  • Wondu Wolde-Mariam
  • Michael Wolfgang
  • Carl Edgar Woodard

CSUF Startup Incubator Mentors 2022-23

  • Nolan Carroll
  • Tony Cristiano
  • Bob Godlasky
  • David Kinnear
  • Victor Macias
  • Greg Morrison
  • Peter Riley
  • Jeffrey Sawyer
  • Phillip Stinis
  • Dick VerWayne