The OC Register just published an article on the recent grant that CSUF Entrepreneurship received to help promote social entrepreneurship. Here’s a sample from the OC Register article:

The types of startup businesses launched to better the lives of individuals and communities are examples of “social entrepreneurship,” said Johnson, who graduated from CSUF in 1977.

A group of California lawmakers, led by 29th District Sen. Josh Newman, support such business models, which is why the Center for Entrepreneurship just received a two-year state grant that will help further the center’s mission to educate and inspire social innovators with a desire to solve issues impacting the environment and society.

“I think it’s validation that what we are doing is meaningful and matters,” said Jackson, a full-time professor teaching entrepreneurship courses while also serving as director of Center for Entrepreneurship. “The funds will allow us to expand our center at Cal State Fullerton. I think that all of us want to leave a trail behind us that includes doing good, and we want to be remembered for doing something that is substantial.”

OC Register | CSUF’s Center for Entrepreneurship: Inspiring investable ‘social innovation’

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