5th Annual Food Entrepreneur's Workshop

Students interested in participating need to register with their .edu email address using the promo code “arugula” by September 11th to get 50% off of the registration price. They will also need to present their valid student ID during check in.

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September 26th and 27th
8:00AM – 5:00PM

Ever dreamed about starting your own food company but didn’t know where to begin?

Chapman University’s Annual Food Entrepreneur’s Workshop will take you through the steps necessary to launch your new product idea with success!

Designed especially for early stage entrepreneurs, this workshop will provide a roadmap on bringing a food product to market. Participants will learn how to start a food business including developing a winning formulation, finding a manufacturer, negotiating with brokers and distributors, writing an effective business plan, obtaining capital backing, and marketing most effectively to ensure that their product will succeed in the marketplace

The faculty includes a blend of educators, co-packers, buyers, distributors, and successful entrepreneurs who all have a passion for helping you build the next sustainable and profitable food company. Please share this information with your entrepreneurial colleagues and friends.


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