Alumni Survey

Hello CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni, we hope that you are doing well. We would like to catch up with you.

First off, we would like you to complete a short survey so we can know what your post-college experience has been like. Do you believe the Center for Entrepreneurship helped prepare you? How can we help you going forward? And some other questions. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to personal and there is a cool (since this is a school talking by “cool” or course we mean educational) giveaway for everyone who finishes the survey.

Secondly, we would like to stay in touch with you going forward. Networking is one of the better ways to improve your professional career and the best way to find out about ways to network with other CSUF Entrepreneurship alums is by signing up for our newsletter. Don’t worry, it’s not an every other day kind of newsletter but when something interesting is going on we will get in touch with you through the newsletter.


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