Are you ready for Prototype Day?

Sure, your mind is probably on Thanksgiving, Finals and Christmas but you should make some space in there for Prototype Day if you are an entrepreneur who wants to create his or her own app. Prototype Day will take place on Saturday, December 8 2012 at FastStart.studio’s Irvine location and is being cosponsored by a number of companies in the mobile sector.

Here’s what to expect:

Spend 8 hours, with a bunch of your fellow entrepreneurs and build a clickable wireframe or working prototype of Mobile Apps in Orange County, CA, the next tech space to blossom in SoCal.

  1. Pitch your idea to the group.
  2. Flush out your idea on the business model canvas.
  3. Design your idea using the recommended prototype tools or your software of choice.
  4. Demonstrate your prototype to our panel of experienced mobile app judges.
  5. Win Prizes!

You will need to bring your laptop and the tickets to enter into this event cost $50. For more information about this event please go to prototypeday.com.

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