The Arts and Creative Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, scheduled for September 28-29, 2023, is an intensive program that immerses participants in hands-on training aimed at fostering both business development and creative thinking. At its core, this boot camp is designed to empower individuals who aspire to be art entrepreneurs. These visionary individuals are those who meld their creative talents with an entrepreneurial mindset to conceive, promote, and sell diverse forms of artistic and creative products. Art entrepreneurs possess a multifaceted skill set, combining a deep understanding of the art industry and market dynamics with proficiency in essential business management aspects like marketing, sales, and financial stewardship.

These art entrepreneurs operate within a broad spectrum of artistic domains, encompassing visual arts, music, fashion, film, performing arts, and beyond. They may be creators of their original works or collaborate with fellow artists, and some even establish their own galleries, studios, or creative agencies. Alternatively, they may choose the path of independent freelancers. In essence, an art entrepreneur is an individual who leverages their creative talents and business acumen to transform their passion for art into a sustainable and profitable career. This boot camp aims to align closely with the curriculum of the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) and cater to the evolving demands of the industry. Mark your calendars for September 28-29, 2023, to embark on this transformative journey.