Announcing the Titan Fast Pitch Finalists – Ready for the Finals

After nearly 2,000 reviews from our judges we can now announce the finalists for the Titan Fast Pitch competition! Before that, we thank all the students who submitted their 90 second pitches to this competition and to the many educators and mentors who helped students put their best foot forward. Picking the finalists was not […]

Angel Investing in the 20s – Find out what a panel of startup investors are thinking right now! – Event October 21 Calling all early-stage founders looking to raise capital. Learn about evolving investment trends during the COVID era About this Event Join LvlUp Ventures, on Wednesday, October 21st at 3 pm PST for our next interactive event: Angel Investing in the 20s. Brought to you by McCarter & English! The panel will be hosted by […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship’s Titan Fast Pitch Deadline This Saturday – Now Is The Time To Start Something!!!

You and I both know how important entrepreneurship is. Without the next generation of entrepreneurs what will happen to our country? Our world? That’s why I’m writing you today. I am asking you to encourage the students in your life to join the Titan Fast Pitch competition. The deadline to submit a 90 second video […]

My Entrepreneurial Journey with Anthony Abdelsayed: Getting Started – Episode 1 What do people do after they graduate from college? For Anthony, he went to work with his cousin at his mattress business where Anthony is working on expanding that company’s online presence and increase sales. He’s also working on a side hustle selling a device called “Push and Pull” that helps make it so […]

How To Get Involved: Titan Fast Pitch

Are you ready for the Titan Fast Pitch? You should be! Over the last eight years, we have challenged thousands of students from universities, high schools, and middle schools all over Southern California and beyond to come up with the most compelling business pitch possible. That remains the same. But there are some changes this […]

Get To Know: CSUF Entrepreneurship

At the start of every school year we welcome many more new people to our community. New students, professors, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals of all kinds have joined our ever growing community of innovative people. And this is great! It’s also an opportunity to share some of the videos that help to describe what CSUF […]

An Introduction to Integrative Bargaining for Startup Founders with Mark Fotohabadi

Mark Fotohabadi, PhD, MBA, MDR is a visionary and hands-on serial entrepreneur and educator, with 17+ years of business experience. Mark Fotohabadi has successfully co-founded and led half a dozen companies to sustained profitability and disruptive change in their respective fields. This is a video from a guest lecture that Mark did in John […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Advisory Board Member – Lorenzo Santos ’17

We are excited to announce that the newest member of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Advisory Board is Lorenzo Santos ’17. While he didn’t concentrate in entrepreneurship in his coursework, Lorenzo has been an active entrepreneur while still in school and since (see his bio below for more info on that) and was a leader in […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Welcomes Janet Steiner as the Newest Member of its Advisory Board!!!

We have known and worked with Janet Steiner for years and we are excited to welcome her to our Advisory Board! Janet is a tireless entrepreneur and visionary who over the course of her career built up her family business, Thoro Packaging, into a leader in the industry. Since selling Thoro Packaging in 2018, Janet […]

Pismo Ventures Business Plan Competition – Apply Now!

REGISTER HERE National Venture Plan Competition  Not all competitions are created equal. Starting with the investors who will be judging this competition. The list includes an impressive line up of Angel Groups, VCs and Family Offices. Further, this unique event is open to applicants and spectators. A great opportunity to present your venture’s plan, learn […]