Ashlyn Nath '11 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

Entrepreneurship Program Skills Lead to New Job, New Product


Alumni Success Story - Ashlyn Nath
Ashlyn Nath ’11

EVERY SUNNY DAY is like a lucky four-leaf clover for Ashlyn Nath of Anaheim. The 2011 business administration graduate took her classroom experience and wrangled it into a job at OP Products Inc., a specialty manufacturer located in Riverside.

As part of the many of the business administration concentrations, students have the opportunity to provide consulting services to area businesses. It was while taking part in this program that Nath and a team of her fellow students worked for OP Products. Following that project, Nath said she was offered a job that entailed launching a new line of sunscreen towelettes that are available for retail, private label and fundraising opportunities.

The product, “Patrick’s Sunscreen“, is sold at Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Bookstore, at Titan baseball games and at last month’s commencement, in which she took part. She says that the main focus of the product line is for schools to use it as a fundraising item and in that spirit, “our first shipment was over 400 towelettes that we sent to the Alabama tornado victims. Donations we raised made it possible and we paid for the shipping.

“It came to our attention that many people (victims and relief workers) were unsheltered and out in the sun all day,” Nath said. “Sunscreen may not be the most likely ‘survival essential’ but this is the response we got from our contacts in Alabama:‘…She has begun to get the packages people are sending and is taking them to the relief centers as they come in. She said everyone grabbed the sunscreen packets almost as soon as the box was opened.

“We are so glad we were able to help, if even on a small scale.

“The entrepreneurship program at CSUF is all about real-world application,” said Nath. “I was able to use what I learned from my classes and projects, apply it to Kelley’s Kelley Stark, president of OP Productions idea, and come up with a product line that is allowing us to break into a saturated market.

“The experience I gained has been invaluable,” she added. “My education has not only landed me a once-in-a-lifetime job that I look forward to every day, but it provided me with the tools I need to work autonomously and productively.”


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