BUAD 410 – Starting and Managing a Small Business

Most of the students who are reading this are probably business majors and, as business majors, I’m sure that your non-business major friends have asked you what it takes to run a business. You explain the basics to them as best you can but there’s no way you are able to go into enough depth to really help them. Starting now, you can tell your non-business major friends who want to know how to run a business that there is a class for them.

Starting in the Spring 2014 semester, CSUF will offer a class designed to help non-business majors learn how to run a business:

BUAD 410 – Starting and Managing a Professional Practice/Small Business

The purpose of this course is as follows:

BUAD 410 will introduce students to the fundamentals of starting and managing a professional practice / small business including:  planning, raising capital, using business information, managing employees, and marketing products and services. The course is oriented toward individuals who desire to start and operate a professional practice / small business. The class targets non-business majors who have an interest in starting their own professional practice or small business after graduation.

Students in this class will be exposed to the following elements:

  • Business Concept
  • Business Feasibility
  • Legal Issues
  • Marketing the practice of Small Business
  • Finance
  • Tax Issues
  • Managing Risk
  • The Business Plan

There are still a few openings left in this class for the upcoming Spring semester so make sure to sign up before it’s too late!

Junior or senior status is required to take this class. For more information about this class please contact Professor Jackson at 657-278-8413.

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