Business Idea Workshop

After working at the Center for Entrepreneurship for a while I realized that a lot of people just didn’t know where to start in the whole new venture process. And, unfortunately, without any knowledge about what all the necessary steps in the process of launching a business were, many people with good ideas decided that it just wasn’t worth their time. That’s a shame.

Starting a business does take a great deal of effort and growing that business into a sustainable one is even more of an effort. But that should not be reason enough to stop you from going after your dreams. If you are raring to go down the entrepreneurial path then you should check out this seminar that the Rancho Santiago Community College District is hosting.

At this seminar you will get the chance to delve into a number of issues that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis and, with any luck, you will come away from this educational experience with enough knowledge to feel comfortable in taking those steps from starting a business to making it into a sustainable one.

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