Business Plan Competition

This Friday we will be hosting the Business Plan Competition Semifinals. This is an invitation-only event but next Friday, the ominous Friday the 13th, we are holding the Finals in SGMH 1502 starting at 1:30pm. This event is open to the public as long as you RSVP beforehand to Travis at tlindsay@fullerton.edu. And you should come because a lot of great things will be happening that afternoon.

See the Top 3

The cream of the crop of the Business Plan Competition will be giving 15 minute presentations. These three groups will spend that time making the case for why their business is the best in the competition in front of an All Star panel of judges. For the past three months the teams in our Business Plan Competition have been diligently refining their business concepts and I am sure that the teams that make it to the Finals will be great. Come and see what CSUF has to offer.

Raffle Prizes

Everybody who comes will get a raffle ticket but those of you who have participated in the Business Plan Competition will get some extra tickets, seems only fair. But what about the prizes? Well, without going into too much detail let’s just say a gaming console will be raffled away; some gift cards and other great stuff will be raffled away as well.


This competition wouldn’t have happened if not for our wonderful stable of sponsors. Some have donated quite a bit of money, others are donating their time to the winners and some have donated prizes for the raffle. Thank you sponsors!


There will also be some cookies and drinks there as well. So even if you don’t win a prize you can still get a cookie (as long as they haven’t all been eaten by the time you arrive, that is).

Remember, the seating is limited for the Finals on Friday the 13th in SGMH 1502 and if you want to attend you need to RSVP to Travis at tlindsay@fullerton.edu as early as possible.

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