Business Plan Competition Finalist: SP ZAP, LLC

Eugene Ostapkovich, creator of SP Zap, accepting his third place award during the CSUF Business Plan Competition 2012

Yesterday, we did a post revealing some information about one of our Business Plan Competition Finalists. And, as you may know we will be holding our first Business Plan Competition Finals this Friday, April 13th, at 1:30pm in SGMH 1502 (details). There will be some great prizes given away like an iPad and a Xbox 360. But the real draw should be the presentations that our finalists will be giving. To whet your whistle here is a sneak peak into one of our finalists’ business:

Our business idea started with the identification of a problem. How often, when browsing the internet, do you see the PDF or Word forms which you should download, fill-in, print, then scan, then send back? Or even worse, when you need to fill out a form which is not even available electronically and you need to go to some office and waste even more time and paper. And when you get to all those forms you can’t miss the fact about how ineffective it is.

We figured we can put our experience in Enterprise software, Business Process Management systems, Workflows and electronic forms to make a difference. We’ve chosen to meet the capabilities of the de-facto industry standard for electronic documents – PDF – and one of the most popular and most rapidly emerging enterprise content management and collaboration system – Microsoft SharePoint – to create a unique value proposition. That was the beginning of PDFsharepoint Forms’ success story.It is not only about the improved speed, accuracy, better security and cost savings from more efficient  form processing, it is a whole new way towards green IT and paperless enterprise.  The sustainability that both saves the money and making the world a better place. And because so many things, like HR forms, legal forms, IRS forms, accounting forms, invoices, purchase orders, compliance forms, contracts and many others can be done with this product it is just amazing how much impact it can create.

While providing easy-to-use, problem-focused solutions that deliver value and close to instant ROI, and helping to save resources and minimize costs for our valued customers, we are a truly feedback-driven, customer-centric organization, where every single opinion is heard and taken into account. The great customer service and focus on quality is always the priority for us.We are a relatively small company, but with global reach, as our customers and partners are all around the world from India, Saudi Arabia, UK, France, Switzerland, Canada, USA etc.  Social Media is among most important marketing channels for us. Our site is on top of Google search results for the relevant keywords. Users love our blog and find it very useful and informative.  We continue to offer free monthly webinars to our potential customers.

Our main product development is successfully finished, but we still continue to invest in R&D to further improve our technology and patent portfolio. We feel that staying on top of the emerging technologies and providing the best for our customers is the way to create a sustainable advantage and be ahead of competition. We plan to add more exciting features to our existing product offering, and roll out a new product, developed especially for the small business, later this year.

My name is Eugene Ostapkovich and I am a second year MBA student at Cal State Fullerton. My business partner Dmitry Ivahno and I are the founders of SP ZAP LLC and PDFsharepoint Forms. According to the Association for Information and Image Management one in two corporations are using SharePoint and, empirically, nearly all of them are using some kind of forms. So while PDFsharepoint certainly is a niche product the market potential is enormous. We believe, that despite the fact that the success rate of startup companies is typically low, we’ve managed to find a winning formula, work-through the rough edges, and mitigate the future risks. We are very glad that our ideas are meeting great appreciation and receiving such a positive feedback, therefore we have confidence that this business is going to grow and will be a huge success.

This is an interesting idea with a lot of potential. Come and see them present the idea live! (DETAILS)

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