BUY a Small Business, Don’t Start One | CSUF Startup Incubator Talk [VIDEO]

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Buying a business enables aspiring entrepreneurs to bypass the uncertainties and high failure rates associated with starting a business from scratch. In this captivating video, our speaker, serial entrepreneur Adil Karamally, explores the concept of acquiring an established, profitable business and leveraging its existing success to ensure a positive trajectory from day one.

Statistics reveal that less than half of all startups make it through the critical first five years, and a mere 10% achieve long-term sustainability. Moreover, a meager 40% of startups manage to turn a profit, and only 30% break even.

Fortunately, Adil offers a compelling alternative. By acquiring a running business, aspiring business people can tap into its positive cash flow, eliminating the uncertainties and risks associated with launching a new venture. Our expert speaker sheds light on the benefits of this strategy, highlighting real-life success stories and sharing valuable insights on how to identify, evaluate, and acquire profitable businesses.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking a more secure path to success or an experienced professional looking to explore new avenues, this video provides a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. Discover the power of buying a small business and unlock your potential for sustainable and profitable business ownership.

About the speaker:

Adil Karamally has started and acquired several businesses in his professional career. He also directed financial planning at Procter & Gamble Corp. after reciving his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School. Adil enjoys being an Instructor and Coach to entrepreneurship students with the ability to inspire students to learn.

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