CSUF Startup Talk – How to find the right Product/Market fit for your Startup

https://youtu.be/1lJaFghQm6c Some founders usually believe that they have found a product/market fit and some overlook this stage. This is a huge problem as they start hiring people, increasing costs and scaling the product. To avoid this, there are mini goals you can achieve to analyze the market and iterate constantly to succeed. This talk covers …

CSUF Entrepreneurship Content Survey – help us develop the best content for you by responding to this short survey

The CSUF Entrepreneurship program would like to know what kind of content you are most looking for from us. Do you prefer reading about the success stories from the community, recordings of guest speakers, or written lessons for early stage entrepreneurs? Here’s your chance to be heard and to help shape the future of entrepreneurial …

VoyageLA | Hidden Gems: Meet John Bradley Jackson of CSUF and Titan Angels

CSUF Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley “JJ” Jackson with his dog, Zorro CSUF Entrepreneurship John Bradley “JJ” Jackson was recently interviewed by VoyageLA in a wide ranging interview that covered a lot of topics, including: Entrepreneurship Loss Letting Go Ethical Dilemmas Overcoming Crises It’s a great interview and you should take a look. Here’s just one …

Titan Fast Pitch 2022: Making a Social Impact – Everything you need to know!

Special thanks to Titan Fast Pitch Diamond Sponsor MUFG Union Bank, N.A. for their tremendous support of the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators! Please Register for 2022 CSUF Titan Fast Pitch updates below! Students — Register Here! Volunteers — Register Here! 🎉 Our competition is NOW LIVE and accepting applications below 🎉 Submit Your …

Advice to CSUF Business Students

Dave Kinnear has mentored CSUF Business students for over a decade and in this conversation Dave gives his best advice to all of them. https://youtu.be/5kGdIeYzCls

David Kinnear on the Benefits of Mentorship

Dave Kinnear has been a top mentor in the CSUF Entrepreneurship program and at the CSUF Startup Incubator. In this conversation, Dave talks about the benefits people get from being mentored and being mentored can help turbocharge a startup. https://youtu.be/Y9mk7nWd4aQ

CSUF Entrepreneurship: 5 Questions with David Kinnear

Over the years, David Kinnear has served as a mentor in the CSUF Entrepreneurship program. His wisdom has helped students in the classroom and first-time entrepreneurs at the CSUF Startup Incubator. https://youtu.be/yEKBSrREGX8

Advice to all Entrepreneurs: Don’t do it Alone

One of the main things that entrepreneurs learn really quick is that entrepreneurship isn’t a solo sport. The best entrepreneurs develop a team early on and CSUF Entrepreneurship mentor David Kinnear explains why this is so important for the ultimate success of a startup. https://youtu.be/6d9BsoAdWc0

CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship Board Welcomes Michael Okabayashi

The CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship is proud to announce that long time Ernst & Young Partner Michael Okabayashi has joined its board. Known affectionately as “Mike O”, his career focused on both EY’s Strategic Growth Markets and Entrepreneurial Services Groups, including leadership roles for these divisions. His clients span emerging companies with VC/Angel funding, Post …

CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Craig Martyn’s Firsthand Account of the First Decade of his Entrepreneurial Journey

What follows is a firsthand recounting of the first decade of Craig Martyn ’10’s entrepreneurial journey. Craig has been tremendously supportive of the CSUF Entrepreneurship program during a big part of this time as a client of our CSUF Consulting program, as a mentor in the classroom, and as a guest speaker. We’re extremely grateful …