The Extraordinary Ordinary Teaser Trailer – Film Created by CSUF Alumnus that Explores Mental Illness

Mental illness is something that most people either have to confront personally or through one of their family members or close friends. Even though that is the case discussing mental illness is still a taboo subject for many. That’s why we think that the Extraordinary Ordinary, a movie written and directed by Cal State Fullerton […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Students Promoting Student Engagement on Campus

CSUF News has a great piece out today on how four of our CSUF Entrepreneurship students have been accepted into a prestigious fellowship. Called University Innovation Fellows, the mission of the fellowship is to give students the tools that they need to catalyze entrepreneurship on campus. Click on the link below to learn more. Innovation […]

Building a Strong Culture from Startup to Mature Company

Last week, CSUF Entrepreneurship mentor and veteran executive coach for Vistage Dave Kinnear gave a great talk on the importance of culture for any organization and how to effectively build a great culture that will grow as your business grows. According to Dave, in order to accomplish this you first need to know how culture […]

Start with Why – How to make a Great Pitch

Sixty seconds is not a long time to tell someone about your concept but that is what we challenge students to do at the Titan Fast Pitch competition on October 21. Why? The “why” is the answer. Entrepreneurs have a mission and being able to inspire people with the “why” of their mission makes the […]

Uber's Management by Committee: Good or Bad Idea?

From Yahoo! Finance: “According to three sources familiar with the matter, Uber will be run by a committee consisting of 14 executives, all of whom directly reported to Kalanick before he announced on Tuesday he would be taking time away from the company following recent scandals and the death of his mother. “Whether Uber’s new […]

Focus on your Character First – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship Jim Reichert has had thousands of business relationships throughout the years so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about people. And he has some simple, straightforward advice for people who want to build stronger relationships, whether for business or otherwise. To Jim, Dr. Stephen R Covey’s words on building […]

#1 Rule for Better Communication at Work – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship How do you create a great atmosphere at work? It’s all about communication. If you cannot have productive conversations with your coworkers, subordinates, or superiors then how are you going to get things done? Jim Reichert is an entrepreneurial executive with decades of experience in this area and he believes that the best way […]

How to Build Your Startup Team – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

The early days in any business are tough. The entrepreneur, the person with the idea, ends up doing most of the jobs. And this is important because it is during these formative times that processes are created and the startup’s culture starts to take root. But after some time you need to start hiring people. […]

CSUF Student's Passion Leads to Good Works in DC Internship

Interning is a rite of passage for many college students and some internships have a profound impact on students by shaping the way they view the world and their place in it. One Cal State Fullerton student, Rachel Herzog, is currently doing one of those internships and is having an experience of a lifetime in […]

Management 540 Trains CSUF MBAs for the Real World

Before the start of every semester, students begin the process of picking and choosing their classes. Almost all of these classes have students reading textbooks and taking exams but there is one class that is designed to give MBA students an immersive experience by having them put to practice what they learn with a real […]