Celebrating the Strategic Partnership Between CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship and Yuukke

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, the most impactful initiatives often stem from collaborative efforts that transcend geographical boundaries and embrace diversity. One such groundbreaking collaboration is the partnership between California State University, Fullerton’s Center for Entrepreneurship (CSUF Entrepreneurship) and Yuukke. This powerful alliance is dedicated to fostering global entrepreneurial talent, particularly among women, and it represents a significant step towards empowering women entrepreneurs worldwide.

A Blending of Vision and Innovation

The partnership between CSUF Entrepreneurship and Yuukke combines the robust academic resources of CSUF with Yuukke’s innovative platform to create a comprehensive entrepreneurship education and support program. This program includes online modules and live workshops focusing on various critical aspects of entrepreneurship such as social enterprise problem identification, solution design, MVP validation, funding strategies, business launching and scaling, and overcoming challenges.

In its inaugural cohort in early 2024, the program successfully engaged over 30 women from Asia, Africa, and Europe. These participants gained practical skills and insights that they could directly apply to their businesses and startups, demonstrating the immediate impact of this collaborative effort.

CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship: Nurturing Future Innovators

CSUF Entrepreneurship is renowned for its dedication to equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, education, and mentorship to launch successful ventures that create economic and societal impact. Through programs like student consulting and the CSUF Startup Incubator, students have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world settings, further enriched by the support of student organizations that facilitate networking and skill development.

The Center’s robust support network cultivates future entrepreneurs who are dedicated to positive social change, making it an ideal partner for an organization like Yuukke.

Yuukke: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Yuukke’s mission is to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with innovative technological tools and mentorship that assist them from the startup to scale-up stages. The platform focuses on breaking gender barriers and fostering opportunities, with a strong emphasis on social responsibility and ethical practices. By leveraging technology and mentorship, Yuukke helps talented women overcome challenges and achieve success in their business ventures, promoting workplace parity and encouraging social impact through entrepreneurship.

The Partnership in Action

The collaboration between CSUF Entrepreneurship and Yuukke has unfolded in several impactful phases:

  1. Online Course – “From Idea to Impact”: Participants engaged in an intensive online course designed by CSUF Entrepreneurship. Structured into several key modules, this course guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the nuances of transforming an idea into a viable business venture.
  2. Live Workshops: Over four weeks, CSUF Entrepreneurship conducted weekly 90-minute workshops covering critical business topics such as funding, customer validation, operations and scaling, and strategy. These sessions included interactive presentations and discussions led by CSUF faculty and consultants, including John Bradley Jackson, Victor Macias, and Travis Lindsay, along with direct engagements with Dr. Senthamarai Gokulakrishnan from Yuukke.
  3. Direct Support: Participants had ongoing access to CSUF Entrepreneurship faculty and consultants for personalized advice through an online platform, video calls, or emails, enhancing the learning experience and providing tailored support.

Impact and Future Prospects

The initial cohort demonstrated significant engagement and success, setting the stage for the continuation of this partnership. Plans are already underway for a second cohort with CSUF’s continued support, aimed at sustaining and scaling the program. The engagement has proven mutually beneficial, with CSUF enhancing its global outreach and Yuukke benefiting from CSUF’s established pedagogical approach.

Testimonials from the First Cohort

The testimonials from participants highlight the transformative impact of the program:

  • Devi Govindasamy: “After years of sales experience in media, I was finally ready to take the leap into my own business. This course’s clear and simply structured bite-sized videos and worksheets made it easy to identify my strengths and leverage existing resources to launch my mission. I’m so grateful to Travis, JJ, Victor, and the Yuukke Global Team for this practical workshop that’s given me the confidence to move forward – I’m already putting my plan into action.”
  • Khushi Walia, Biji Da Achaar: “Before being part of YuukkeLaunchpad, my biggest challenge was confidence. Here I got to meet many fellow women entrepreneurs and that really helped boost my confidence. This program by CSUF gave me the foundation to address all my challenges and I am really grateful for the opportunity. I attended all the workshops organized by them and special mention to Travis and JJ, such complex business concepts were explained in a simple manner which we were able to relate back to our business. Look forward to many such programs which would help us look beyond business.”
  • Dinta Vaghasiya, Ecoterra Biodesign: “Taking the online video course on social entrepreneurship offered by CSUF was an enlightening experience! The content was not only comprehensive but also delivered in a clear and engaging manner. The instructors’ expertise truly shone through, making complex concepts easy to grasp. I appreciated the practical insights and real-world examples shared throughout the course, which have equipped my with valuable knowledge and inspiration to make a positive impact in the world of social entrepreneurship. Me and Ecoterra will always be grateful for this. Thank you Yukke Global and CSUF for this enriching opportunity!”

Strategic Expansion

Looking ahead, the success of the CSUF-Yuukke partnership holds the potential for expansion with other international entities. CSUF School of Business and Economics Dean, Dr. Sridhar Sundaram, envisions extending similar collaborations to universities and organizations in Vietnam, Korea, and Europe.


The partnership between CSUF Entrepreneurship and Yuukke epitomizes the synergy between academic institutions and social enterprises in cultivating entrepreneurial capabilities globally. As this collaboration progresses, it promises not only to enhance entrepreneurial outcomes but also to strengthen the global network of innovators and business leaders.

The CSUF Entrepreneurship and Yuukke partnership stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of collaboration in driving positive change. As we look to the future, let us continue to support and expand such initiatives that empower women entrepreneurs and foster global innovation.