Center for Entrepreneurship 10th Anniversary Celebration

This is a friendly reminder that the Center for Entrepreneurship’s 10th Anniversary Party is coming up. Here are the important details:

  • Place: Third Floor Terrace in SGMH
  • Date: Wednesday, May 30th
  • Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm (the time was different in a previous email, this is the correct time)
  • Parking: Marriott Parking Lot – $6.00
Hors d’oeurves and drinks will be served at this event. The first part of this event will be for networking and the remainder is for the presentation of awards and certificates, including:
  • The Conrey Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers Entrepreneurial Scholarship provided by Jerry Conrey
  • The Steve Keller Memorial Scholarship provided by Bill Bemus
  • The State Farm Insurance Scholarship provided by Ellen Williams
  • The Small Business Institute National 1st place winning team (undergraduate)
  • The Small Business Institute National 3rd place winning team (graduate)
  • The new FastStart.studio Scholarship provided by Michael Sawitz.
  • We will also recognize all of the time and effort our volunteers give; making this program so unique and vibrant.
If you have already RSVP’d you only have to show up but if you have not yet had the opportunity to RSVP please do so by Thursday to Travis at tlindsay@fullerton.edu.

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