Empowering Social Impact: Robert Ludwick, Recipient of the 2023 Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Robert Ludwick
Robby Ludwick

Get ready to pop open the champagne because we have some amazing news to share! Robert “Robby” Ludwick has won the highly coveted Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurship Scholarship for 2023! Let’s all give him a round of applause for his fantastic achievement!

As a winner of this prestigious scholarship, Robby will be receiving a whopping $4,000 to help him with his studies as a CSUF Entrepreneurship student and to support his future business ventures. And let’s just say, we’re pretty excited to see what he’ll do with it!

Robby, who is an Eagle Scout, is an outstanding student who beat out many other competitors to win this scholarship. He has a solid 3.48 GPA and is a true leader in the classroom. In fact, he’s already the founder and team leader on a project that’s working to launch his very own invention, Tipsy Lid. This alteration to the traditional five-gallon bucket will make it safer around small children and has the potential to save lives.

But Robby’s ambitions go far beyond just getting a diploma. His goal is to get his product to market as soon as possible, and we have no doubt that he’ll succeed! He’s already working on getting his product patented and exploring the next steps for getting it to market, whether that’s through licensing or production.

And let’s not forget the man behind the scholarship, Jerry Conrey. At the private announcement, he asked Robby what he plans on doing once he graduates. Robby’s response? He wants to change the world! We love his passion for helping the social good and are thrilled to see him getting the support he needs to make it happen.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Conrey told Robby that he had only one requirement of him, “you have to stay in touch.” Mr. Conrey knows the importance of giving back and building a community of supportive entrepreneurs and business leaders. And we have no doubt that Robby will be a valuable member of that community for years to come.

So once again, a huge congratulations to Robby and a massive thank you to Jerry Conrey for his support of CSUF Entrepreneurship students! The future is looking bright with young entrepreneurs like Robby leading the way!