CSUF Business Plan Competition 2013 Supplement

For Information on the current CSUF Business Plan Competition click HERE

(All the links on this page, except for the one above, are for the 2013 competition and some of them may no longer be active. For information on the current competition click on the link above.)


Email Travis at tlindsay@fullerton.edu if you want to sign up

Mayra Figueroa, one of our Top 3 winners!
Click on image to find out how the 2013 CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals played out.

This post will help everyone who is entering the CSUF Business Plan Competition 2013. Below are links to the PowerPoint presentations from all of our Boot Camps and links to other helpful material. We will update this post when we get new information or have found something else that should help you dominate the competition. The information has been segmented into different categories. Please leave a comment if you find another source that you think everyone in the competition would benefit from seeing.

Guides to Competition

Handout – This gives a general overview of the whole competition including dates and directions on how to complete each step of the competition

Business Concept Paper – This can be found in the Handout above but this is here just in case you wanted this as a separate document

In-depth Research – This can also be found in the Handout above but this is here just in case you wanted this as a separate document

General Information

Looking for a way to improve your ideas? Want some more information than the basics that are available in the Handout? Want an edge? Check out these links below to get more information on how to be an excellent entrepreneur.

Business Model You

Business Model Generation

The Lean Startup Circle Wiki

Boot Camp Presentations

Professor Jackson’s PowerPoint

Dr. David Obstfeld’s PowerPoint

Dr. Atul Teckchandani PowerPoint

Basic Info on Competition

Business Concept Example

NOTE: This is the Business Concept of the eventual second place finisher in the competition. The author of this document was an MBA student and did more than was asked for by creating Financial Documents and by including things like a Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents and a Works Cited. He still was able to keep his Business Concept within the rules (5 pages, single spaced – appendices do not count towards this total).



Important Dates

Friday, February 15 Sunday, February 24: LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR COMPETITION

How to sign up for competition:

1. Log onto TITANium Communities
2. Search for “Business Plan Competition”
3. Click on “Competition Rules”
4. Click on “Enroll Now” button
5. Agree to terms
6. Now you’re enrolled!
7. If these steps don’t work please email Travis Lindsay at tlindsay@fullerton.edu
8. You must sign up by Friday, February 15 at 11:59pm




Wednesday, April 10: SEMIFINALS

Wednesday, April 17: FINALS

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Also, we will be using the hash tag #CSUFBizPlan2013 to identify all of our posts about the competition.

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