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When business owners struggle to improve operational efficiency and profitability, they often overlook Human Resources. Maybe this is due to a perception that Human Resources and Leadership is “too soft” a topic to warrant spending precious cash. Yet, studies show human resources improvements can have significant long term ROI.

Maybe it’s time to consider a Human Resources audit with California State University, Fullerton’s award-winning Student Consulting Program.  CSUF utilizes a time-tested approach used by top consultants today to identify and prescribe remedies for problems with Human Resources and Leadership. Typical problems include:

  • Little commitment or motivation among employees
  • Low productivity or innovativeness
  • Conflict or tension among employee groups
  • Poorly defined or organized tasks
  • Inadequate training or socialization
  • Weaknesses of a new management program or organizational design
  • Managing the transition from an entrepreneurial organization to a mature one
  • Determination of weak spots in culture
If any of these HR problems look familiar, then consider hiring CSUF to evaluate your company. The approach includes: critical tasks and work flows; formal organizational arrangements; people and culture. Once the analysis has been completed and the root causes have been determined the students, with the guidance of an experienced faculty member and a veteran coach from the business community, will recommend solutions. The students will then present their findings in-person and will also create a report that details their analysis and recommendations.

CSUF consulting gets rave reviews. One client recently said, “This was far and away the best experience we ever had with an outside consultant. The results were worth possibly 20 or 30 times the small fee we paid.”

We only have a limited number of spaces available and we try to serve in order of receipt. Please complete and return the Request for Consulting Application today! If you have any questions regarding the consulting process, please contact Ms. Charlesetta Medina today at (657) 278-8243 or by email at cymedina@fullerton.edu. You can also learn more about our program here.

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