CSUF Course Recommendation for non-Business Majors Interested in Starting their own Business

student-at-workNot every entrepreneur is a business major; far from it actually. But the reality is that without some basic entrepreneurial skills it is extremely difficult to successfully launch a business. What should a CSUF student who is not majoring in business but wants to start a company do?

Those intrepid students should take BUAD 410 Starting and Managing a Professional Practice/Small Business. This course is designed to help these students develop the skills needed to go from business concept to launch. Over the course of the semester, students in this class are guided through the process of developing an actionable business plan by the professor, Jeff Longshaw, and a mentor who has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur or professional.

Recently, Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson gave an interview about the importance of this class to non-business majors at Cal State Fullerton:

Professor John Bradley Jackson, director of the Center of Entrepreneurship at California State University’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, said he noticed a trend of recent graduates working as independent consultants instead of heading right into entry-level jobs.

“The transition for the college graduate to the workforce isn’t what it used to be,” Jackson said, but added that “entrepreneurship is a way of thinking—trying to make the planet better through small changes—and that type of mindset is perfect for the gig economy.”

From Physics to Fashion to Photography

The entrepreneurship class at California State University at [sic] Fullerton challenges students to come up with business plans, assigns them mentors and divides them into teams to develop business models. Near the end of the class, students present their models to a panel of investors who give them feedback on their work.

Jackson said that students from a diverse array of majors bring a host of helpful skills and talents to the class. The class’ success stories included a master’s level physics student who used her science background as well as what she learned in the entrepreneurship class to open a pop-up toy store that encourages customers to experiment with educational toys— including, of course, science toys—before committing to a purchase.

The student discussed in that quote is Iris Dorne who recently launched Rad Toy Store where she sells STEM-themed toys to kids. Here is an excellent write up of Iris.

Students in this class will learn about:

  • How to Craft a Business Concept
  • How to Develop a Business Plan
  • Legal Issues
  • Marketing a Small Business
  • Finance
  • Tax Issues
  • Managing Risk

Many students who have taken this class have had great things to say about the immersive learning experience offered by this class.

If you are looking for a class that can open up a brand new horizon for your career then you should seriously consider taking BUAD 410 during the upcoming semester!


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