CSUF Entrepreneur Success Story: Linsey Fornaca '08

Linsey Fornaca (left) with sister

You could say the spark started back in high school when The Wedding Planner movie came out (2001), because ever since then, my sister and I have known that wedding planning and coordination was the direction our lives were meant to go. We can prove it because every class project and senior project was fashioned around our future dream business and the wedding industry. Our passion and drive to help brides and grooms was there, but we had no idea how to make it happen. Then, I came across the CSUF Entrepreneurship program and was inspired to go through the motions of opening up an official business. Here is our story.

Before being a part of the Entrepreneurship program, I felt lost and had no idea what to do to get started. My major was undeclared for a long time because I wanted something that was going to help me plan weddings, but I couldn’t commit to one subject. Everyone I talked to laughed at me for wanting to plan weddings and in their lack of understanding simply said, “Good luck with that!”

Then, I discovered the Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship, and I gave it a leap of faith. To my great surprise, from the very first Entrepreneurship class, I knew that this was where I was meant to be. It almost brought me to tears how contagious and inspiring it was to feel the energy of the other entrepreneurs in my class. The Entrepreneurial spirit was tangible because everyone had their own dream and they weren’t afraid to show it and support others who had a similar dream. The attitude was that everyone else was going to work for us someday. Every mentor was excited about the idea for my business and suddenly I didn’t feel so outnumbered.

Linsey with a group of her friends after graduation

The program and its students gave me the hope and support that I so desperately needed in order to feel confident in starting my own dream business.  With the important tools, real world mentors, and team exercises that were offered through this program, we finally had the support that we needed. Looking back now, we feel like the luckiest girls in the world for the help and advice that was given to us through CSUF Entrepreneurship.

What do we do? We are The Double Knot, a wedding planning and coordination business here to help you “tie the knot without doing a lot – with a double knot.” It started as just my twin sister and I doing what we love by helping others turn their dream vision into reality, and is steadily growing to include additional assistants as well!  Our packages range from our day-of event coordination services only, to full and complete planning guidance.  We understand that every bride has different needs, so we can customize a package for you and your budget.

Now we have been doing it for seven years and our passion is still going strong! Our website features dozens of happy couples’ testimonials to help you feel comfortable about your decision in letting our experience work for you! Sit back, relax, and enjoy being the center of attention while we take all your plans and make them happen.  Our services always include access to our giant emergency kit, setup and teardown assistance, coordinators on two way radios, rehearsal and day-of coordination.

Why spend time learning how to do something perfectly for the first (and last) time you will ever be doing it? Check out our website TheDoubleKnotTwins.com, because I think you and your guests will be glad you did. Our passion for helping other peoples’ dreams come true is how we turned our own dreams into a reality.  Thank you again to CSUF’s Entrepreneurship program for making it all possible.

Thinking about becoming a CSUF Entrepreneurship student? Click here for more information or, better yet, drop by our offices in Mihaylo Hall room 3280.

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