CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Launch Software Company

taskcot_logoThree CSUF Entrepreneurship alumni have launched a software company with the mission of helping student governments  and private organizations do business better. The three CSUF alumni are Rohulla Latif, Nick Ajluni, and Nick Guillen; all three have been entrants in our annual CSUF Business Plan Competition that we host every spring.

The upshot here for this business is that the complex machinations of any large organization are inherently difficult to keep track of and manage. For example, everyone goes to meetings where a lot of big items are discussed and action items are assigned but, sometimes, follow through on these action items can be lackluster. Poor follow through is a problem most readers are intimately familiar with and our alum’s business, which is called Taskcot, helps solve that issue and many more like it.

Here’s a little about the company from the Taskcot blog:

Taskcot.com is a cloud based software focused on optimizing student governments, through use of committee management and collaborations tools. This technology developed specifically for Study Body Government, helps student leaders:

Facilitate Meetings

– Paperless minutes, agendas and single-click meeting documents

– Committee overview of all members

– Member directory for quick contact reference

Take Action

– Allocate, manage and complete tasks throughout meeting lifecycle

– Stay updated with email notifications

– Provide real-time feedback with integrated discussion thread

Transparency & Accountability

– Archived documents and meeting records

– Keyword search features

– Ensure task completion and receipt of deliverables

One of the cool aspects of this company is that this business is already international. One of the co-founders is Irish (Danny O’Donovan) and the engineering team is based in Ireland as well.

The Daily Titan goes into great depth about this story and it really is a fascinating tale about how these guys started to work on this project and all of the progress they have made in the few months they have been working on this. To view the article just click on the image below and read the story titled “Grads design software program”.

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