CSUF Entrepreneurship Day of Giving March 9 2021


If you click on the link on March 9, 2021 you will be able to click on the button to donate.

If you click on the link before that you can sign up to be an ambassador for our fundraising efforts and spread the message.

“What is that message?” you might be asking.

It’s very straightforward: Entrepreneurs build the future and we help entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

We don’t have to tell you that businesses are hurting but we absolutely believe that our students, alumni, and all the other entrepreneurs in our community will be the people that help bring us out of this crisis. The world is always in need of entrepreneurs and with your support we are educating and preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Whether it is in the classroom, challenging students to launch businesses at our incubator, providing students with opportunities to work with existing businesses, or simply providing advice to anyone in our community about how they can launch their own business, the Center for Entrepreneurship is there to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s an important calling and whether you can support us during the Day of Giving, as a mentor to our students, or even just a simple word of encouragement, your support is tremendous and it all helps to sustain our efforts. Thank you!CSUF Entrepreneurship Day of Giving March 9 2021