CSUF Entrepreneurship Mentor Publishes Book for New Entrepreneurs

170608_Chris_Trujillo_Book_(2)Most reasonable entrepreneurs know that they need to have a plan. They may spend hour after hour crafting an old-school, 100 page business plan, or at the very least they’ll write down their ultimate goal on a coffee shop napkin. When starting that plan they might pick up any self-help business book at the local bookstore or type a couple search words into Google. There is a lot of information out there. But what happens after a savvy entrepreneur, with that one of a kind idea, makes that plan? Where do they go from there?

That’s where CSUF Entrepreneurship mentor, Chris Trujillo, comes in. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and has condensed all of the lessons he has learned from launching businesses into his book, “After the Business Plan”.  So, what’s inside the book? We were able to do a quick Q&A with Chris to learn a little bit more about his book.

Who are you? Who did you write this book for?

170608_Chris_Trujillo_Book_(1)My name is Christopher John Trujillo and I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship. During college at Purdue University, I was actively involved in the university’s entrepreneurship community and co-founded a startup that received $30,000 in grant funding from a tech accelerator program in Iowa. Back home now, in California, I organize local entrepreneur meet-ups in southern Orange County and mentor entrepreneur students at Cal State Fullerton. Recently, I co-founded Entrepreneur School, www.entrepreneurschools.org, with Michael McElroy, to teach entrepreneurship to children and teens.

After publishing two children’s introduction to business books, The Young Entrepreneur and The Young Investor, I have now written “After the Business Plan” for new entrepreneurs who want answers to common startup questions. If you have finished your business plan, have a solid preparation for launch, or are just interested in learning more about business, “After the Business Plan” is the book for you.

What is After the Business Plan about?

“After the Business Plan” is not a book to help you create the perfect business plan. Nor is it a book to help you test whether you have a solid business idea. It is a book to walk you through the major steps you take to launch your business.

All successful startups must master these steps, for example: How do you hire an employee? When do you classify a worker as an independent contractor instead of an employee? Which entity is the best for your business? Where do you apply for funding? How do you record mileage for tax deductions? With this book, not only will you learn the answers to these questions, but you will also find out where to find many necessary legal documents online and discover some very helpful websites.

When will After the Business Plan be published?

“After the Business Plan” will be published June 30, 2017.

Where can people get After the Business Plan?

“After the Business Plan” will be available to purchase online through the Amazon and Lulu bookstores. Cal State Fullerton students can use the promo code TITANS to receive a discount on their purchase.

Most importantly, why did you write After the Business Plan?

I was frustrated by the lack of resources available addressing many issues that a startup faces while preparing to launch. Searching for more information than what is provided by the SBA (Small Business Administration) and state and federal government publications, I couldn’t find a comprehensive, user-friendly resource with the answers to all my questions. After consulting with attorneys and CPAs, browsing online resources and reading government publications, I realized it would be useful to condense all that I learned into a book which also includes some practical advice based on my own startup experiences. I believe that while personal experience is often the best way to learn, having accurate information beforehand can help an entrepreneur make the right decisions while preparing for launch. Since business law differs for each state and may be revised often, I plan to publish “After the Business Plan” for every state with annual updates. I advise aspiring entrepreneurs to just work on your idea every day, even if only for 20 minutes, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly an idea can transform into reality.

We are definitely looking forward to the publication of this tremendous research and we are always looking to add innovative entrepreneurs and professionals to the CSUF Entrepreneurship community. To find out how you can participate in this community as a mentor, speaker, or even as a donor please give Entrepreneur in Residence Travis Lindsay a call at (657) 278-3930.


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