CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Kristina Elmido '08

Alumni Success Story - Kristina Elmido

Food and business are two of my passions. Add 2 cups of drive, 1 cup inspiration, a dash of knowledge, a sprinkle of connections and you create an Entrepreneur. I graduated from CSUF in 2008 with an Entrepreneurship concentration. The skill I gained on executing and managing vision, passion, perseverance, and drive has been invaluable throughout my journey.

I began by launching a family owned business called Scrubs 4 Life, a medical uniform retail store in Lakewood, CA. The business is currently doing very well amidst a wavering economy and is continuing to grow. The managerial experience I gained from it gave me a greater sense of confidence for realizing my lifelong dream.

In 2010 I moved to Las Vegas to peruse my dream of being a Chef and a future restaurant owner. It was a difficult decision indeed; to continue comfortably in business environment netted by the security of family or to take the road less travel that is filled with uncertainty. Harnessed only with entrepreneurial skills and passion, my conviction was resolved. I was to be a chef! My spirit was strengthened and I found the courage to embark on an amazing adventure.

My culinary journey began by immersing myself in the industry. I attended Le Cordon Bleu, College of Culinary Arts fulltime. I researched the culture of the culinary industry in Las Vegas. I volunteered at charity events and where I met well respected Las Vegas chefs. I pursued a reputable restaurant to work for while attending school. I was hired as a line cook at a much esteemed Hawaiian/Asian Fusion fine dining restaurant Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion-Summerlin Las Vegas. And to supplement my income, I worked multiple other jobs and accepted restaurant positions that seemed very menial for a college graduate but valuable for familiarity in humble beginnings. In approaching such experience with the attitude of learning and not taking any opportunity for granted, I’ve come to appreciate the value of hard work; that it is easier to do when you’re passionate about your work while approaching it with an attitude of serving others.

In 2011 I completed an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu and I was ready to use my business skills in the culinary industry. I began to dabble in small entrepreneurial ventures and worked as a Personal Chef for a wealthy Las Vegas family and catered to various people around town. Through networking and perseverance, I had the opportunity to work as a Front of House Manager for a Las Vegas Best award winning restaurant. In that position, I gained knowledge of restaurant business structure and how to orchestrate front of house operations.

I have had the privilege to work under talented Executive Chefs of Roy’s-Summerlin: Darrin Shinagawa & Brandon Konish. They have been the catalyst of my success as a line cook. Both chefs have the same qualities as any entrepreneur: Drive, Passion, and Work Ethic. As a line cook, I have had rare opportunities to create elegant creations that were presented on the Roy’s menu. In a short span of a year and a half I’ve learned every station in the kitchen – from pastry to salad to sushi to hot stations giving me a comprehensive glimpse of what it takes to make a successful restaurant.

More recently, I have been given the opportunity to work for Wynn, Las Vegas. The largest Five Star Five Diamond resort in the world filled with award winning chefs, restaurants, and entrepreneurs! What an exciting turn of events. This new chapter in my life is a confirmation that with patience, prayer, and hard work mixed with entrepreneurial skills is a recipe for success.

I thank God, family, friends, CSUF professors, and the Entrepreneurship program for being the foundation to every step in my endeavor of being a restaurant owner. The entrepreneurial spirit has accelerated my growth in every aspect of the industry and has given me the confidence for realizing my future restaurant.


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