CSUF Fast Pitch Business Competition Roundup

***Full Writeup***

On Saturday, we hosted our first CSUF Fast Pitch Competition in conjunction with the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneur Elympics. With over 100 people in attendance and about 50 presentations our first foray into this format of business competitions was a major success. University students from Cal State Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine and UC Riverside as well as a like number of high school students competed.

And now here’s a roundup of the stories about the competition and how it came to be:

Synova Life Sciences’ John Chi was the lone representative of Cal State Fullerton to reach the finals. Watch his pitch below:

The Daily Titan did a piece before the competition that talked a bit about what was at stake for the competitors. One contestant it focused on in particular was Sam Cisneros, VP for the Entrepreneur Society, whose business idea is a HUD for motorcycle helmets that draws inspiration from the helmets that fighter pilots wear.

The Daily Titan reported that CSUF’s own John Chi finished in second place in the competition’s University Track. John had previously competed as part of a group in the 2013 CSUF Business Plan Competition and won. John pitched his company, Synova Life Sciences, which is a company that extracts a patient’s stem cells for use in therapies to treat that patient’s arthritis.

Robert Gates giving a rousing pitch for a customizable song service. Alas, Robert was not officially competing because he is a member of the company that developed the scoring system.

Months ago, the scoring system that we used from Entrepreneur Elympics was field tested in Dr. Atul Teckchandani’s class. Here’s a story from Mihaylo expounding on the voting process. While the voting system didn’t allow for each audience member to score each contestants, it did allow each audience member to pick their favorite presenter for each track (University and High School).

Freeman LaFleur gave a presentation during the competition about lifelong education and experimentation. Watch it below:

We will have a more complete writeup of the event within the next 24 hours or so. –> ***Full Writeup***

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