CSUF Student Places in Top 5 of National Entrepreneurship Competition

Jonny May, furthest on the right, finished in the Top 5 of a competition that included hundreds of other student-entrepreneurs across the nation.
Jonny May, furthest on the right, finished in the Top 5 of a competition that included hundreds of other student-entrepreneurs across the nation.

CSUF Entrepreneurship student, CSUF Startup Incubator Resident, and founder of Piano with Jonny, Jonny May recently finished very well in a national competition for student-entrepreneurs hosted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Out of the hundreds of students who entered nationally, Jonny finished in the Top 5!

Here are some of Jonny’s thoughts on competing:

GSEA was a blast!  We flew to Kansas City, Missouri, and I got to meet all kinds of amazing entrepreneurs that are still in college.  It was very empowering to tell my story and I gained a new sense of confidence that my business Piano With Jonny is making a meaningful impact in the world.  The GSEA judges are all successful entrepreneurs themselves, and I made some great contacts that I believe will help me as I grow Piano With Jonny.  I highly recommend GSEA for any college student with a business!

We competed in two rounds: a semi-final and final round.  We had 12 minutes to talk about our business and ourselves.  7 out of the 10 judging criteria were based on us as individuals (our character, work ethic, integrity, why we started our businesses, etc), and 3 of the criteria were about the business itself.  The first panel was 8 judges, and the second panel was 16 judges.  After each presentation, we were questioned for 10 minutes.  The competition is hosted by EO (Entrepreneurship Organization).  I was invited to compete by Craig Martin, who was my mentor for MGMT 465A and also an EO Member.  As an EO Accelerator, I’m hoping to join EO (members must have a business doing $1 million or more in revenue).

Congratulations Jonny!


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