Entrepreneur Myles Kovacs talks to CSUF Entrepreneurship Students

Myles Kovacs speaking to CSUF Entrepreneurship students
Myles Kovacs speaking to CSUF Entrepreneurship students

Recently, we were lucky enough to have serial entrepreneur Myles Kovacs talk to one of Director Jackson’s classes. Mr. Kovacs talked on many different facets of what he sees as crucial components of his success as an entrepreneur and what follows are the top 10 notes taken from Mr. Kovacs’ talk by CSUF Entrepreneur student Chris Khoa:

  1. Using your intuition or ‘spider senses’ as Myles likes to call it is necessary.
  2. Entrepreneurial success requires doing things that others are not willing to do, outworking your competition and resiliency in the face of failure.
  3. Practical advice balanced with aspirational goals. Focusing on the mundane aspects such as cash flow, owning your decisions, using others as a model and ‘out hustling’ the competition. Aspirationally, passion and purpose and following your heart strengthening yourself as a means of giving back (you can’t give what you don’t have).
  4. Hiding your cards v radical transparency. Myles believes that it’s okay to make your intentions be known, but also likes to watch others and see how they proceed at a given task so he can adapt his strategy.
  5. Partnerships need to complement your own personal weaknesses & should be made to assist you make moves you can’t make alone.
  6. Turn weaknesses into strengths.
  7. Business lessons include ‘swimming in your own lane’, following your passion, do what you know, develop partnerships that allow you to make moves you aren’t able to make (chess board mentality).
  8. Life is about learning, growing & developing. Thus, it’s vital to get out of your comfort zone and  never accept failure. The only unforgivable things is not to try or make an effort – don’t let fear prevent you from moving in the direction of your dreams and passion.
  9. Mistakes are an inevitable part of success. In fact, they are welcomed and you need to learn from them.
  10. Myles had a tough childhood, his lack of closeness with his father and struggles in school have made him who he is today. He does not choose to deny his past, merely he is trying to use it as fuel and motivate his business endeavors. It informs a lot of how he makes business decisions for better or worse.

And here’s a short video of the talk:

That was a great event and I know that the students learned a lot from this successful entrepreneur. To keep up to date on all of our events, please visit this page.

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