In the past we have talked about Fast.Start.studio, a business incubator that was founded by Michael Sawitz, a great friend of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Now, Saimah Chaudhry, one of the more successful entrepreneurs to come out of our program in recent history, has told us about a unique new entrant into the business incubator market: Entrepreneuria.

Entrepreneuria really puts a unique spin on the business incubator concept. According to the brochure, it costs nothing up front to be a member of Entrepreneuria but there is a rigorous vetting process that you must get through to gain entry into this entrepreneurial world. If you do gain admittance to Entrepreneuria you will be housed in a massive mansion in Las Vegas that was previously owned by Mike Tyson.

Residents of the mansion are expected to adhere to a very strict regimen of business, learning, teaching, exercise and philanthropy. That’s right, it’s not all just business in Entrepreneuria. The guiding credo of this organization is that excellent entrepreneurs should also be excellent people. Basically, they require you to have a healthy business, healthy body and a healthy soul. Neat concept.

Just like other business incubators, Entrepreneuria provides many different places in the mansion where eager entrepreneurs (“entrepreneurians” in their lingo) can talk and share ideas with one another. Also, business leaders will be brought in to give talks and to be mentors to the residents. But I’ve said enough for now, here is the description of Entrepreneuria in their own words:

Entrepreneuria is a revolutionary foundation that offers a unique environment for dedicated young entrepreneurs. It provides a customized program that will empower them to develop their entrepreneurial, interpersonal and ethical tendencies. We name these most gifted individuals: Entrepreneurians.

Participants  will be provided opportunities to obtain multiple recognized degrees to at least undergraduate level. They will be offered tailored opportunities to support the development of personal, communication and life skills.

Underpinning the program is a commitment to social and environmental responsibility with the inculcation of deep morals, ethical values, and philanthropic practices.

Entrepreneurians will have the privilege to reside as guests in the former Mike Tyson Mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada within an all-expense paid scholarship.

There was, however, one part of the brochure that I am sure most people would do a spit take at.

[An] Entrepreneurian will be expected to donate 33% equity of his/her first successful business venture to the non-profit organization for philanthropic purposes. The Board of Directors of Entrepreneuria will determine the specifics.

That is a lot of equity to hand over for being a part of the program but, on the other hand, if Entrepreneuria (or any other business incubator for that matter) is able to turn nascent ideas into much larger businesses than they otherwise would have been (and do it more quickly) then the 33% of equity might be worth it. Plus, the wording is a little ambiguous so do your research.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Entrepreneuria through their Facebook page. In no way does California State University, Fullerton, the Center for Entrepreneurship or any of its employees endorse this opportunity. You need to do your own research before deciding if Entrepreneuria is a good fit for you.

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