Event: CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals

CSUF Entrepreneurship

The CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals are just a couple days away (April 7 from noon to 3pm to be exact) and I hope that you are able to attend. (RSVP now!)

From noon to 1pm we will be hosting our first Innovator Exhibition where we will showcase some of the creative things our students, alumni, and other community members are doing. Some of the exhibitors who are scheduled to attend include:

  • Our UAV team with their drone that has an eight foot wingspan
  • Our rover team that has created a rover that is very similar to the one currently tooling around on Mars
  • One of our finalists, Exo Assistive Technologies, will be showcasing their invention that assists senior citizens and the physically disabled in lifting common items
  • Our friends from SCORE will be there to promote their wonderful services
  • Our Entrepreneurship Alumni group will also have a representative showcasing his business

There are more and you might not have enough time to view them all if you arrive late so make sure to arrive as early as possible!

Immediately following the Innovator Exhibition we will commence with the CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals presentations. As was the case during the first three years of the CSUF Business Plan Competition we have three amazing finalists.

The previously mentioned Exo Assistive Technologies will be presenting their invention that will make it possible for senior citizens and the physically disabled to accomplish normal tasks that most of us take for granted.

OneMessageID is a company that plans on giving every residential and commercial property an online identity whereby the residents can interact with their local community on an online platform. This idea takes aim at servicing the local market unlike any other solution currently available and it is the type of audacious thinking that convinced us to welcome it into our CSUF Startup Incubator.

Arrow Cone is the brainchild of one of our students who is a soccer coach, CSUF Entrepreneurship fraternity/sorority leader, and Dan Black Scholar in Physics and Business. It’s such a deceptively simple idea that there is a good chance that it will become a ubiquitous training device for youth sports in the near future.

We are all very excited to be hosting the fourth CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals on Tuesday, April 7 from noon to 3pm in the Titan Student Union’s Pavilion A. (RSVP now!!!) If you have the time we would love to have you join us in support of our wonderful student-entrepreneurs.

One last thing: If you have the ability we would immensely appreciate it if you could donate some funds to support our efforts to educate and promote the next generation of entrepreneurs. Click here to donate.

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