Finals Recap – CSUF Titan Fast Pitch 2021

And the winners are...Titan Fast Pitch judges evaluating student pitch

The masks were on. The distances were social. The pitches were still amazing!

CSUF Titan Fast Pitch 2021 was a great success!

Kevin Osorno from UC-Riverside gives High School 1st Place Finisher Jade Bahng a high-five!

As covid and our understanding of it continues to evolve, so does the way we teach the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Until 2020, Titan Fast Pitch was an in-person competition, In 2020, Titan Fast Pitch pivoted to a completely virtual event. We learned there are pluses and minuses to both formats. With covid uncertainty lingering in the air, we chose a hybrid for 2021. What will 2022 hold? Maybe you can help us decide.

The Bullpen Round was virtual.

Over 100 students and student teams pitched their ideas via YouTube uploads. These 90 second video pitches were reviewed by over 100 local entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, and mentors.

University 1st Alternate Emily Bonetto presenting her video pitch.

The Bullpen Round Judges contributed over 2000 pitch evaluations. That’s an incredible investment of time and energy by our local community! Special thanks goes to our friends at Royal Business Bank and Union Bank for helping us recruit judges. Every student who participated received valuable feedback. This is why we say…

Every student who enters Titan Fast Pitch is a winner!

On to the in-person Finals.

For the Finals, 13 students presented from the stage of Titan Student Union Pavilion. The pitches were as diverse as healthy food for local high schools to clothing that raised the living standards of workers in Bangladesh.

Covid Protocols

With covid protocols still in place on campus, attendance was limited to competitors and their guests. Masks and social distancing guidelines were followed.

Teacher and students from Florence Nightingale Middle School
Young Yang from CSU-Fullerton

Pitching with a mask isn’t ideal, but that didn’t stop these future entrepreneurs. To build a business, you have to overcome obstacles. This year’s competitors took on all challenges and pressed forward.

Calling all Titan Fast Pitch Competitors!

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In addition to the fun and prizes, pitching helps students become better entrepreneurs.

We want as many students as possible to participate in Titan Fast Pitch.

What is the best pitch format – video or in-person?

Take our poll and help us plan next year’s CSUF Titan Fast Pitch.

No one does it alone.

The focus of Titan Fast Pitch is the students. But we all know, no one is successful without help.

This year’s Finalists were joined by their family and teachers.


Special recognition goes out to 3 teachers.

  • Lester Vasquez, Florence Nightingale Middle School
  • Anna Scoby, Oxford Preparatory Academy, Project Be You
  • Rebeca Martinez, Los Amigos High School

We admit we’re a little biased here at the Center for Entrepreneurship, but we believe entrepreneurial skills empower individuals, build strong communities, and create a better planet. Teachers who dedicate class time to entrepreneurship are instilling powerful lessons that serve their students for a lifetime.

These teachers consistently have students place in the Finals and 2 even were able to join their students for the competition.


Dr. Atul Teckchandani Students didn’t go into Titan Fast Pitch unprepared. Dr. Teckchandani, Entrepreneur in Residence at the CSUF College of Engineering and Computer Science presented Titan Fast Pitch Bootcamp.

Titan Fast Pitch Bootcamp is a training session, open to all, to go over best pitch practices and rules for the event. You can watch the replay here…You Are Invited! Titan Fast Pitch Bootcamp 2021 – CSUF Entrepreneurship

Dr. Atul Teckchandani presenting Titan Fast Pitch Bootcamp.

CSUF Leadership

This year, we were honored to be joined by CSUF College of Business and Economics Dean Sri Sundaram and Associate Dean Chris Swarat.

Dean Sri Sundaram and Associate Dean Chris Swarat meeting University Finalists Arneeb Mahbub and Kevin Osorno.

Titan Student Union

The Titan Student Union staff went above and beyond to make this a great event for students.

TSU Staff making sure Titan Fast Pitch was a great event!

Titan Fast Pitch Past Winners

Bryan Ruef 2019 Titan Fast Pitch 1st Place Finisher and Founder of 10-8 Systems, Bryan Ruef, entertained and motived the audience with his keynote speech. Bryan shared with students how to build on their Titan Fast Pitch success.

Bryan Ruef shares with the students how they can build on their Titan Fast Pitch experience.

Maryam Edah-Tally We were thrilled to have 2019 and 2020 Titan Fast Pitch Finalist Maryam Edah-Tally join us as Finals Judge for this year’s competition. Maryam’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and recent competitor provided valuable feedback for our students.

Maryam Edah-Tally competing at the 2019 Titan Fast Pitch Finals.

Finals Judges

If the students are the stars of Titan Fast Pitch, then our judges are the co-stars.

CSUF Titan Fast Pitch 2021 Finals Judges

For the Finals, we were honored with Judges who brought a diverse background of experience to the competition.

  • Natalia Razeghi, VP and Sr. Credit Executive at MUFG Union Bank.
    • Natalia is a long-time supporter of Titan Fast Pitch. In addition to judging the Finals, Natalia was active in the planning/promotion of 2021 Titan Fast Pitch, and helped recruit/organize Bullpen Round Judges.
  • William Purpura, Managing Partner at Dargon Development
    • Bill is a long-time donor and mentor to several programs at CSUF. He holds 20 US patents with 2 more pending, as well earning 3 degrees from CSUF.
  • Maryam Edah-Tally, E&Y Teen Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder Fleur A Cheval
    • Maryam started as an entrepreneur at 13, is the founder of an international e-commerce brand, and podcaster. Maryam took 1st place in the 2020 Titan Fast Pitch and 3rd place in the 2019 Titan Fast Pitch.
  • Dr. Karl Freels, Director Black Family Trust
    • As Director of the Black Family Trust, Karl is active in supporting CSUF students across the university. He has 3 degrees from CSUF, including his most recent, an Ed.D, Doctor of Education.

The judges’ and speakers’ commitment to these students didn’t end when the winners were announced. They stayed after to meet as many competitors as possible, learn more about their ideas and their plans for the future.


We’re grateful to have many long time sponsors. These sponsors not only donate funds or services, they also donate their time and experience as speakers, planners, and mentors throughout the year.

CSUF Titan Fast Pitch Diamond Sponsor

Union Bank

CSUF Titan Fast Pitch Gold Sponsors

Royal Business Bank

Black Family Trust

Black Family Trust - Dan Black

North Orange County Community College District

CSUF Titan Fast Pitch Silver Sponsors

VK Family Foundation

Vas Arora VK Family Foundatiion

CSUF Titan Fast Pitch Champion Sponsors

Justin Sanders – Intellectual Property Attorney

CSUF Startup Incubator

Rudy Chavarria, Jr. – College Web Mentor

Anthony J. Dispoto, Esq. – The Contracts Attorney

Jake Kochiss – JakePhoto.com


And the Winners of Titan Fast Pitch 2021 are…

Middle School Track

4th Place – Vanessa Castillo

  • Florence Nightingale Middle School
  • Easy Glass – a way to adjust eye glasses so that users don’t have to replace them as often.
Vanessa Castillo, Florence Nightingale Middle School

3rd Place, Anastasia Efremova

  • Oxford Preparatory Academy
  • CleanPlanet EDU – an education program to help us care for our environment.
Anastasia Efremova, Oxford Preparatory Academy

2nd Place, Ashley Cruz

  • Florence Nightingale Middle School
  • Fresh – a way for people to keep track of food in their refridgerator
Ashley Cruz, Florence Nightingale Middle School

1st Place, Ivy Chieng

  • Florence Nightingale Middle School
  • Drunken – a way to check if drugs have been added to a drink.
Ivy Chieng, Florence Nightingale Middle School

High School Track

4th Place, Justin Cheng

  • California School of the Arts
  • Focus Zone – a way to limit internet usage until homework is complete.
Justin Cheng, California School of the Arts

3rd Place, Christian Perez and Emanuel Segovia

  • Los Amigos High School
  • ACE – a healthy and delicious food for high school students.
Christian Perez and Emanuel Segovia, Los Amigos High School

2nd Place, Zoey Bahng

  • Troy High School
  • WIGsnatched – hair accessories for people with thick hair.
Zoey Bahng, Troy High School

1st Place, Jade Bahng

  • Troy High School
  • Stylest – a social media site to crowdsource outfits.
Jade Bahng, Troy High School

College/University Track

4th Place, Young Yang

  • CSU Fullerton
  • Bike Maniac – a way for bicyclists to get help after an accident.
Young Yang, CSU Fullerton

3rd Place, Catlin Tran

  • UC Irvine
  • Nutripair – a way to find healthy foods based on medical and family history.
Catlin Tran, UC Irvine

2nd Place, Kevin Osorno

  • UC Riverside
  • Neoboard – a way for teachers to create study groups.
Kevin Osorno, UC Riverside

1st Place, Arneeb Mahbub

  • UC Irvine
  • Conshus Clothing – a clothing line where the proceeds go directly to supporting the workers that made it.
Arneeb Mahbub, UC Irvine

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