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I appreciate the opportunity to address the Student Entrepreneurs at Cal State Fullerton, I have done some mentoring as part of the school and I have really enjoyed my involvement with them and I have really enjoyed my involvement with the company that I founded twenty one years ago.

I started a company by the name of a OPUS Marketing and changed the name to OPUS Productivity about five years ago, after working in industry, I am providing the business service that I used to utilize. So there was a service that I had as a manager when I was hiring people that I found was valuable and when I decided to go out on my own and start OPUS I became accredited and licensed to be able to provide the service to people just like myself.

I went out and did the things that we all do and that is find people that have a need and to be able to address that need and to be able to grow the business by providing excellent service that has value and to be able to maintain a balance of delivering service, delivering quality and finding time to do the marketing the business development and the lead development that needs to be done and I am here to tell you that after twenty one years its still not easy and its still very enjoyable.

I look forward to getting up everyday and doing the work that I do, I work with companies allover the world, yesterday I spoke to Hiring Manager in Singapore at 06 o’clock in the morning and I spoke to a candidate in Germany at 08 o’clock in the morning and at 04 o’clock in the afternoon I was talking to a candidate that was in Sydney, Australia and so I love what I do, I believe that we provide an excellent service to our clients and our clients genuinely appreciate what we do and show that by being clients of ours year after year after year.

A message to you is that it never really gets easy, its always requiring my A game and I know that if I bring that A game that I will be successful and my clients aren’t companies, they aren’t inanimate objects, they are not numbers, my clients are people, they are human beings, they are the managers that work at my client companies and those are the people that I recognize that I deliver my service to, those are the people that when they leave that company will continue to be an OPUS client.

So I urge you to follow your dreams, do something that you genuinely believe in and recognize that it will take your “A game” to continue to have your business be successful.

Good luck to all of you, reach out to me through my website: www.opusproductivity.com or e-mail: bob@opusproductivity.com or LinkedIn:Bob Kreisberg and I am more than happy to spend time either on the phone or face to face with any of you to talk about your business ideas and what you can do to be successful.  Thanks for your time.

Bob Kriesberg

CSUF Entrepreneur in Residence


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  1. Thank you for the post. A career that is consistently challenging and evolving is ideal. Your encouragment is appreciated!

  2. Very inspiring post. There will actually come a time that the world will challenge you and you may even think of not pursuing your dreams. Be up for the challenge and discover your inner strengths.

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