Go to Market – How do you Scale? Event on 11/14 @ CSUF Startup in Irvine

Barry Lieberman
Barry Lieberman

Join us this coming Wednesday, November 14 at 6pm at the CSUF Startup Incubator office in Irvine for dinner and a seminar on how to develop a winning go to market strategy for startups. Barry Lieberman, who earlier this week gave a fantastic talk on how to determine the right product/market fit, will be coming back to host this seminar. If you have not done so already, please register for Go to Market – How do you Scale? by going to the Eventbrite page.


Everyone is looking for hockey stick upward growth. Yet the companies with sustained growth, systematically drove a go to market to gain scale. What does that mean? How do you do it?

This workshop will show you what the formula to is for a solid Go to Market approach that enables your product and/or business to scale.

Barry Lieberman

Like you Barry is an active entrepreneur. He is currently guiding the go to market for two companies. The first a food tech organization and the other a cause-based organization focused on relieving the financial burden of cancer treatment.

As a go to market & business growth specialist, he is focused on the strategy, planning and execution of market & customer facing activities that increase revenue, market demand and customer satisfaction. He orchestrates the people, processes, capital and technology that enables an organization to increase revenue, market position and customer care.

About Seminars at the CSUF Startup Incubator

The CSUF Startup Incubator is dedicated to helping enrich the entrepreneurial community through advising and the hosting of seminars with subject matter experts. Our seminars are built to empower attendess with actionable strategies and information that they can use to launch and/or grow their businesses.

Entrepreneurs who are working on launching a concept are encouraged to apply to become a part of the CSUF Startup Incubator. At the CSUF Startup Incubator, entrepreneurs work with our experts over the course of six months to develop and launch an effective startup strategy.

Entrepreneurs who already have a business and are looking for new ways to grow or to address existing issues would be an excellent fit for the CSUF Consulting program. Clients of this program work with a team of students, a mentor, and professor to create a comprehensive strategic plan that will align the business for future success.

Directions and Parking

Parking is available on the Irvine campus for a fee. For more information about parking on the CSUF Irvine campus, please go here: http://www.fullerton.edu/irvine/about/campusmap.php


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