How to Charge Higher Prices and Get Your Customers to Thank You For It

Scott Sorrell
Scott Sorrell, CSUF Entrepreneurship Professor

This Wednesday at 6pm at the CSUF Irvine campus we are hosting a seminar by CSUF Entrepreneurship Professor Scott Sorrell that is all about how your business should be charging higher prices. It sounds like a simple concept but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Make sure to reserve your seat today.

Have you heard this…

“Your price is too high.”

“Your competitor is cheaper.”

“If you can’t give me a better deal, I’ll have to look elsewhere.”

In these challenging economic times, every customer pretends PRICE is how they make decisions. It’s the default objection, and IT’S THE BIGGEST LIE IN BUSINESS!

If prospects and customers are grinding you about price-price-price, you’re not alone. But what separates those who still get the cash from those who get hammered are a few secrets.

Learn 21 Ways to:

  • Sell on Value, Not Price!
  • Discover What Prospects are Really Willing to Pay!
  • Identify All the Money on the Table!
  • Create Compelling Demand Regardless of Your Price!
  • Use Professional Negotiation Techniques!
  • Command Higher Prices from Existing Customers!
  • Become More Persuasive (without being pushy)!

Who Should Attend:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to command top dollar!
  • Sales reps selling against low-priced competitors!
  • Service providers wanting higher-end clientele!
  • Businesses tired of clients whining about price!
  • Companies needing to boost their profits!


“A high energy program! You really hit the target with all the tools for selling, persuading and negotiating. I’d love for you to come back to Cisco.” Julie McCabe, Regional Manager, Cisco Systems

“Every day at High Achievers Network we hire the top name speakers and trainers like Tom Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Brown. I consider Scott among these ‘Speaking Giants.’ He is a true powerhouse.” Jeff Liesener, President, High Achievers Network

“I used to charge $50 an hour, but Scott Sorrell taught me strategies for charging hundreds of dollars per hour from clients, and now I not only make more money, but I get thank you videos!” Top SEO Expert

About the speaker, Scott Sorrell, CEO, Sales Adrenaline: They call him “Mr. Charge Higher Prices” because he teaches the Fortune 500 how to get to the top of their customer’s price range… and stay there! The reason you pay top dollar for many goods and services is that hundreds of companies practice Scott’s methods. His clients have include: New York Life, BMW, Rawlings, 3M, Time Warner and many others.

On the academic side, during the past 5 years Scott has served as an Adjunct Professor at Cal State Fullerton and Concordia University, teaching MBA and upper division sales and marketing courses, and leading consulting teams. He also guest lectures at USC, Chapman University, University of California, and many others.

Pizza and soft drinks will be served at this event.

We hope to see you there!

[You will need to purchase a parking permit to park on this campus. Information for parking can be found here: http://www.fullerton.edu/irvinecampus/about/campusmap.php]


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