How to Pitch your Business Idea in a Minute

John Chi, winner of the 2013 CSUF Business Plan Competition, presenting at the 2014 CSUF Fast Pitch Competition
John Chi, winner of the 2013 CSUF Business Plan Competition, presenting at the 2014 CSUF Fast Pitch Competition

The Titan Fast Pitch competition is on November 7 (Register now for a chance to win a scholarship) and I’m getting some questions on how to make an excellent pitch. To be sure, it’s a tough question and there is some creative license that goes into making a convincing pitch so no answer I give will be perfect.

For example: Do you highlight all the great things that your product can do? Is there a huge upside in the market you are trying to enter? Should you focus on your all star team?

Those are all great questions and the best person to answer them is you or someone who has a great deal of knowledge of your business. You have to look at your 60 second pitch as a teaser that will convince the person you are pitching to that they want more information about your business. This isn’t an easy thing to do and, like most everything else in life that matters, will take some practice.

Here’s a video from the guys who are running the National Startup League that gives some very helpful tips that focuses on the essentials of how to make an excellent pitch.

(If you’re in the CSUF area tonight at 6pm you can practice your pitch at our Incubator – details here)



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