Measuring Twitter ROI

Twitter is a waste of time.

Or, is it a an efficient tool for public relations?

Blogger and copywriter Bob Bly has created a crude metric for measuring whether Twitter is getting you results or just wasting your time—it is called Followed-to-Follow (FF) Ratio.

Check it out:


John Bradley Jackson


Center for Entrepreneurship

California State University, Fullerton


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  1. I disagree entirely with this theory. If you read the article’s comments there are many different reasons to prove that this is incorrect.

    Just a few:
    >People don’t sit around a read their stream.”stream-chasing”
    >To get followers, even Twitter suggests following people first to get “follow-backs.”That still doesn’t mean you are wasting time reading everything that everyone posts.

    >Mathew Galizzi and I also discussed this and here is what he has to say: “Something I’ve learned is that it’s about quantity over quality. I’ve been tweeting about every 30 minutes from 5:30am to 4pm for the past 2 weeks and the most hits I’ve gotten on any tweet was 80 clicks… to a following of 8200 people.”

  2. For getting reciprocal relationships, one must unquestionably have to consider twitter as the primary supportive tool.Using Twitter as your media of marketing, you can expect a lot, a big range of customers is a guarantee because of the great number of friends you make on twitter. 100’s will follow you every time you follow them.

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