Meet the CSUF Business Plan Competition Finalists!

The CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals are on Friday, April 14 from 1pm to 4pm at the Titan Student Union on campus. We hope to see you there supporting the following student-entrepreneurs in the Finals. Reserve your tickets now! (They’re free and current CSUF students will be entered to win an iPad Pro!)

Parcel Sift

Competitors: Chris Johnston (CSUF Entrepreneurship ’17), Britton Sturbridge (CSUF Entrepreneurship ’17), Son Dang (CSUF Marketing ’17), and Rajvir Singh (CSUF Entrepreneurship ’17)


Parcel sift is a startup working in the business of saving companies money by providing multiple options for shipping. Parcel sift will use various shipping vendors such as FedEx, UPS, just to name a few and combines these strengths to pick the best and cheapest mailing system for companies. Parcel sift plans to have it so that users can use Parcel Sift to pick and choose their mailing preferences and save about 20% on company shipping spending.

Don’tchu Dare

Competitors: Josh Dadivas (CSUF Business Administration ’17), Alexander Fung (UCLA Master’s of Public Policy ’18; UCI Business Administration ’16), Keene Do (UCI Business Administration ’18), Jay Amano (UCR Business Administration ’18), and Tess Chen (UCLA Chemical Engineering ’18).


Don’tchu Dare is a game that aligns with current popular trends and takes a modern day spin with the use of hash tags and relevant dares pertaining to social media. Aimed at the 18-24 year old age group, the game seeks to cultivate friendships in any type of social setting and is an easy-to-play game that can be played by anyone at anywhere at anytime.

The game is played by giving players a range of cards and choosing a dare for the players to complete. The person daring the player selects a specific range of probability to complete the dare. After the daree selects a range, both the darer and the daree will think of a number between the chosen ranges. Simultaneously, the players will say their respective numbers. If the numbers match, the daree must do the dare. If the numbers add up to the range, the darer must do the dare.

This game is similar to Cards Against Humanity, however what differentiates the two is the interactiveness in the game and the amount of peer pressure that the game contains.

The team plans on launching the game through Kickstarter in August 2017. Upon launching, the team is planning to sell the game through online vendors on Amazon and retail stores across the United States.

Life Skills Products

Competitor: Bree Wells (CSUF Masters of Science and Counseling ‘17)


Created by CSUF student Bree Wells, “Emotionality” is an emotional skills building card game. The card game works to create an exercise to help with emotion related issues. Wells has already begun using the “Emotionality” card game with her clients and has seen good results and hopes to market and sell this item in order to help those in counseling.


Competitors:  Brent Maxinoski (CSUF Entrepreneurship ’17), Cayman Elkin (CSUF Entrepreneurship ’17), Shawn Chiapellone (UCI Computer Science ’16)


WECADEMi is an online ecosystem helping students learn and earn simultaneously. WECADEMi helps students learn by connecting them with their peers who have taken and mastered the same classes and same professor, and allows students to be tutored by these peers. Additionally, the platform also creates a backbone of support to each of the user’s most difficult classes, where users currently taking the class can upload notes and collaborate for assignments and projects for studying purposes.

Students can also earn money using WECADEMi by tutoring and offering their peers class notes within the platform. The platform is also developing a system that will set aside a portion of the profits for scholarship funds exclusively for WECADEMi users. Maxinoski and Elkin are excited about the product, as it is their first startup and will be using CSUF students as their target market for the product.

Piano with Jonny

Competitors:  Jonny May (CSUF Business Administration ’17), Reuben Ponce De Leon (CSUF Entrepreneurship ’17), and Yannick Lambrecht


Piano with Jonny is a website business that sells digital piano educational content. On the website, students follow along on the recorded video as Jonny explains and demonstrates a particular genre ranging from blues, jazz, or rock-n-roll. The website offers lessons from learning how to play a particular song to just learning just one particular technique and also offers sheet music through SoundSlice.

Piano with Jonny creates a way to teach students online without having to physically be there, making it easier to teach a larger number of students. So far, the business has had over 15 million YouTube views, over 100,000 subscribers, and has generated $225,000 in revenue over the last four years. Piano with Jonny seeks to change the world of music and offer music to more people, make it more affordable and most importantly, to make music really exciting.

CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals – April 14 at Cal State Fullerton

Now that you have met all of the finalists for this year’s CSUF Business Plan Competition we hope that you can attend to support these excellent students as they vie for $5,000 in scholarships and $15,000 in in-kind consulting awards. Make sure to reserve your tickets today!

Written by Traci Muldoon. Edited by Travis Lindsay.


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