National Entrepreneurship and Small Business Academy

Zack Dafaallah, MBA and entrepreneur, came into the Center for Entrepreneurship offices yesterday telling us about his new start up that is going to help entrepreneurs more effectively and efficiently start their own businesses. While his company, National Entrepreneurship and Small Business Academy (NESBA), is still in the early stages of development its advisory board includes the first Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship at CSUF, Dr. Michael Ames, and the current Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, John Bradley Jackson.

One of the many interesting things that NESBA is going to do is called LabFrog Ventures. The purpose of this program is to educate and prepare people for the rigors of entrepreneurship. Zack envisions this program as being taught through a collaboration of successful entrepreneurs and academics. If all goes well, people who participate in this program should be ready for the choppy waters that is a new venture.

But before this organization can get on its feet it needs partners. If you are a professional or know of some who want to help mold the next generation of entrepreneurs please get in contact with Zack here. Just fill out that form and tell him a little bit about yourself: what your expertise is in, how much time you want to spend on this, if you are willing to donate funds or services, etc.

If you do decide to work with NESBA not only will you get the opportunity to help make people into entrepreneurs you will get some other benefits as well. One of the happy side affects of having a lot of quality professionals together helping others is that those professionals get to meet each other and network. Who knows, if you become involved with NESBA you might make a contact that helps you land a lucrative contract in the future.

Another bonus is that you will be featured on their website. Currently, the site has no sponsors and is looking to procure some. This would be a good way to market your business and help out some others in the process.

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  1. This is such a great idea for students. Today’s economy is in need of more small business owners, and many of us are ill-prepared to launch a company when we graduate from school.

    I think this concept could even be useful taught at a smaller scaler in high schools. It “plants the seed” in students minds for those who are interested. Many smaller home-based businesses don’t have to cost that much business to start, and they can grow over time.

    By the way, how did you come up with the name LabFrog? It’s so cool!

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