Rotus, Former CSUF Students, Perform Locally

Hey Rockers….it time for another round of ROTUS! Come check out the next gig November 7th at the world famous VIPER ROOM on the Sunset Strip in Hollywierd. Tickets are $10 through pre-sale. Please use the PayPal link below to purchase your tickets. Although it’s a Sunday night, they go on early (8:30pm) so you can be back home before bed time….

WHO: ROTUS, Benny Marchant, Dead End Amelia, Eleven Past One
WHERE: Viper Room
8852 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
COST: $10 Please purchase via PayPal link below.


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  1. Prof. Jackson..Thank you for the support…some of you may better know us as Metal-Society. Dave and I have continued to work together and have our band ROTUS that we currently play in together.

    Anybody who mentions this blog can recieve a free ticket to the show if they e-mail rotus@metal-society.com, please find us on facebook or shoot us an e-mail and get on our mailing list… hope to see all of you there!

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