SCCE-23 Panels & Topics – SoCal Entrepreneurship Event February 11

“It” all begins with an idea, a team, and creativity! Join in on an engaged and adventurous panel of startup colleagues. The session will provide a deep dive opportunity to learn more from founders and their journey in moving from an idea to a possibility to launch. Where did the idea begin and what are the first steps to get going? Bring your interest, questions, and experiences to learn more and contribute to the conversation.

Moderated by Cathleen Greiner PHD, Director of Education and Center for Entrepreneurship, North Orange County Community College District!

In this session, we have the chance to ask investors what they are looking for in a potential opportunity. Come find out from them how you might prepare your pitch, hear about emerging investment areas of today, and gain a deeper understanding of the markets you are interested in. We will ask them about their areas of interest and expertise and also discuss standout qualities that show potential or (in their absence) raise concerns about a new venture.

Moderated by Kenneth Lamb, Director of Student Innovation Idea Lab, Cal Poly Pomona!