SCORE Calendar of Events for May 2016

SCORE Orange CountyJohn Rau is one of our great mentors at CSUF Entrepreneurship and he is also a member of SCORE, which is a group of retired executives and entrepreneurs who selflessly give of their time to help entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and more successfully run businesses. SCORE is a wonderful organization that offers free one-on-one mentoring and they also host a number of very relevant seminars for entrepreneurs.

Every month John drops off paper copies of the monthly SCORE events for our campus office and for the CSUF Startup Incubator. I know visitors frequently take these calendars with them but I wanted to broadcast this information to a larger audience, hence this post.

For May they have a number of interesting events including:

Buy/Sell & Valuation of a Business

Develop a Winning Business Plan

The Secrets of Selling

You can see a full list of their events by going to their Calendar page.

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