Meet a CSUF Entrepreneurship Scholarship Winner

Last week we published a couple of articles about CSUF Entrepreneurship scholarships and in this week’s CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider Director John Bradley Jackson highlights the story of one of our CSUF Entrepreneurship scholarship winners. It’s a great story and we hope that you can read it. When Karla Amador sponsored the Thrive Financial & Bookkeeping […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Students Present their Businesses to our Community

At the end of every semester CSUF Entrepreneurship students present their businesses or the progress they have made on launching their businesses to a panel of judges from the community, which includes: investors, bankers, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals. These are awesome learning experiences for our students because: 1. They get to practice pitching their […]

How I Raised $7.5M – This Wednesday at CSUF Startup Incubator

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to raising money for a startup and that’s understandable since the vast majority of entrepreneurs never end up raising a dollar from anyone outside of their close network of family and friends. Companies that receive Angel money are rare and the universe of companies that receive […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumnus Finds Success In Hollywood – CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider

I think it’s safe to say that whenever anyone in the CSUF Entrepreneurship community sets out to do something their aim is to be successful at it. But what’s the best way to go about achieving success? For Ryan David Tsang ’13 the answer to that question is to always be asking yourself “What can […]

CSUF Business Plan Competition Winner Announced!

We hosted the CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals last week and it was an amazing event! The participating student-entrepreneurs all did great and they will all receive part of the more than $20,000 in scholarships and in-kind services to help them with their startups. And, as you will read in this week’s CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider, […]

Find Your Entrepreneurial Fit

Every week in the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider you can learn important things to help you start your business. This week is no different. I frequently have conversations with entrepreneurs, many of them are first time entrepreneurs, who are enthusiastic about an idea but don’t know where to start. Sometimes they just need a little bit […]

Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

In this week’s CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we unveil a new video series called Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship where we publish short excerpts from our talks that focus on issues important to entrepreneurs. We hope that you get a lot of value out of them! In last week’s edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we included […]

A New Semester Begins at CSUF

A new semester begins at Cal State Fullerton! Take a look at what is in store in this edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider. For most of Cal State Fullerton the spring semester begins today and there are many things to look forward to during the semester at CSUF Entrepreneurship. Over the next couple of […]

Now Accepting CSUF Consulting Clients for Spring

Every Monday we publish a weekly report to CSUF Entrepreneurship Insiders. In today’s report we announce the launch our Spring 2017 client recruitment efforts. The CSUF Consulting program is an integral part of the education of our students because it enables them to put into action the lessons they have learned with real businesses. The […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Reinvents Family Time

As longtime CSUF Entrepreneurship Insiders know, we have a very long list of Success Stories about members from our community. The simple reason for this is that our community is made up of people who are creative and are always pushing their boundaries further out; trying new things, meeting new people, launching new businesses. We […]