Getting New Things Done with CSUF Entrepreneurship

In this edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider (sign up to get this newsletter delivered to your email box every week) Director John Bradley Jackson highlights the new book by Professor David Obstfeld: Getting New Things Done. Getting new things done requires people to work together towards a common goal and for businesses that means […]

Getting New Things Done – A New Book on Innovation with Stanford University Press by CSUF Professor David Obstfeld

Cal State Fullerton Professor David Obstfeld has just published a new book called “Getting New Things Done” with Stanford University Press. New things get done all the time. But how do new things actually get done? Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship Professor David Obstfeld tackles this question head on. Drawing on his extensive research into social […]

CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals

The main event of CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals is the culmination of a campus-wide search for the best business idea created by a current student or student team. Based off of a rigorous selection process, the top business concepts are presented by their creators to a panel of distinguished judges and to an eager […]

CSUF Startup Incubator Resident Launches Insurance Comparison Shopping Platform

When it comes to anything insurance related, just the thought of it can stress almost anyone out. Lets face it, while the simple signing on the dotted line is easy, “shopping” for the right insurance can often be very difficult and sometimes overwhelming. But don’t sweat it – entrepreneur Harvey Kong has come up with […]

Innovation At Cal State Fullerton – It Starts With You

In this week’s edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we focus on how innovation starts with you. Everyone has the ability to improve things and the seed of all innovation is an idea. Successful innovators are the ones who work every day to make those ideas into something real. Over the past few weeks the […]

Have you Applied for the CSUF Business Plan Competition?

Have you turned in your application for this year’s CSUF Business Plan Competition yet? This competition is open to all current CSUF students and it is your perfect opportunity to work on that innovative idea you have been thinking about for years. The CSUF Business Plan Competition asks and helps its competitors to create the […]

CSUF Students Working To Bring More Innovation To Campus

Vanessa Ganaden and Lorenzo Santos, University Innovation Fellows Vanessa Ganaden and Lorenzo Santos, seniors at Cal State Fullerton, spoke with university administration and staff from around the globe at the 103rd Annual Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Conference held in San Francisco last month. The annual meeting served as a forum to discuss […]

CSUF Business Plan Competition Applications Now Due March 12

In this week’s CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we extend the application due date for the CSUF Business Plan Competition and highlight some of the events and stories coming out of the Center for Entrepreneurship and CSUF Startup Incubator over the last week. The CSUF Business Plan Competition is an important event for all CSUF students who […]

Follow Your Dreams – Enter CSUF Business Plan Competition

CSUF students are innovative people. But taking an idea and making it into a business is a hard thing to do, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. This is one of the many reasons why we host the CSUF Business Plan Competition at Cal State Fullerton; to help CSUF students with innovative […]

CSUF Business Plan Competition Applications Due Soon!

This is the sixth year in a row that we will be hosting the CSUF Business Plan Competition and, in my opinion at least, this competition is a great way for CSUF students to get their entrepreneurial feet wet. This competition is for every student who has an idea that they think would make for […]