Using Entrepreneurship to Solve Social Problems with Victor Macias | CSUF Startup Incubator


Victor Macias, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, shares his insights on identifying social problems and leveraging entrepreneurship to address them effectively.

He begins by emphasizing the importance of understanding social problems before jumping to solutions, highlighting the pitfalls of neglecting this crucial step in the entrepreneurial process. Victor draws from his own entrepreneurial journey, which includes founding successful startups like Male Standard and launching the world’s first keto cookie, to illustrate the power of entrepreneurship in creating positive social impact.

Victor discusses the intersection of passion and market opportunity, emphasizing the need to align personal values with viable business solutions. He explores various methodologies for researching social problems, including primary and secondary research, interviews, and surveys, emphasizing the importance of customer development and active listening.

Throughout the talk, Victor emphasizes the significance of identifying problems that align with personal missions and societal needs, advocating for a triple bottom line approach that considers profit, people, and planet. He provides practical strategies for conducting effective interviews, assessing feasibility, and aligning business goals with social impact objectives.

Ultimately, Victor’s talk serves as a roadmap for aspiring social entrepreneurs, offering valuable insights into the process of identifying, validating, and addressing social problems through entrepreneurial endeavors.

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