Trevor's Journal: Formula SAE Lincoln

During June, Trevor Smith, a recent graduate from Cal State Fullerton, represented his alma mater in an international competition in Lincoln, Nebraska called Formula SAE. As you can tell by the name this is a racing competition. Schools from all over the world developed small race cars for this competition. While most of the competition […]

Formula SAE Results

Last week we had a post about the unprecedented cooperation between Mihaylo College and the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. The partnership was meant to bolster our entry into Formula SAE, a competition to see which university could build the best scaled down race car. Well, it worked brilliantly; up to a point. In […]

Formula SAE Racing Competition

You wouldn’t be admonished for thinking there was no comparison between Monaco and Lincoln, Nebraska but, for this week at least, there is one key similarity. An international competition that pits universities against each other to see who can build the best scaled-down race car and the best case for producing and marketing said race […]